More is Made Here

Innovation. Opportunity. Excitement.


In Conroe, Texas, More is Made Here.


When we say “more,” it is not a comparison or just a little extra. More represents everything, tangible and intangible, that contributes to making Conroe the premier destination for you and your business.

Thanks to a modern, business-friendly atmosphere that inspires companies, award-winning educational institutions, a commitment to professional development, and exciting attractions for residents and visitors of all ages, thousands of products and ideas are created in Conroe.

Join us here and on our social media each month as we feature a new theme, and you will discover why in Conroe, Texas, More is Made Here.

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February 2021: Conroe Set to Welcome New Establishments as Great Taste is Made Here 

Conroe, already a popular spot for food and beverage options, is about to get even tastier with the addition of several new concepts. Led by local entrepreneurs, Conroe is thriving as a destination to eat, drink, and enjoy entertainment. These exciting new establishments continue to elevate Conroe's status as a delightful destination and further prove that Great Taste is Made Here!

February 2021: Great Taste is Made Here - Connection to Conroe's Community Makes the Perfect Love Story

January 2021: Prosperity is Made Here Featuring Cantel

December 2020: Downtown Conroe Shows that Merry & Bright is Made Here

December 2020: Merry & Bright is Made Here Featuring Makeup Junkie Bags