Infrastructure Drives Conroe Forward as Accessibility is Made Here

Infrastructure Drives Conroe Forward as Accessibility is Made Here Main Photo

26 Oct 2022

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Communities seeking vibrant economic progress often strive to develop transportation infrastructure to open up supply chain logistic accessibility. Conroe already has that infrastructure, and as a result, the Texas city has become a popular destination for manufacturing and distribution companies with room for more. Advantageous infrastructure is why Accessibility is Made Here!

In a recent Site Selection Magazine article, Conroe Mayor Jody Czajkoski stated, “Conroe is in the path of growth from Houston. This community will be the northern anchor of what will be the Houston-Conroe Metroplex. Conroe is the only city left that has land to grow.”

While Conroe has efficient access to major interstate highways and railways, perhaps the most unique and notable infrastructure is the presence of the nearby enterprising Port Houston. Located only 45 miles south of Conroe, it efficiently opens national and international trade to Conroe’s businesses. As the nation’s largest port for waterborne cargo, Port Houston comprises the Houston Ship Channel complex and more than 200 public and private terminals.

Port Houston’s impact on Conroe is undeniable, with more distribution centers needed to store the growing quantity of cargo due to increasing demand through the port. Retailer Five Below has recently moved into a new 860,000-square-foot facility in the Conroe Park North industrial park. Buske Logistics opened a 700,000-square-foot distribution center and office also in Conroe Park North.

“The development of infrastructure connecting the Conroe corridor to the Port and our operations in Fort Worth is very important,” said Buske CEO and Owner Nicholas Heinz IV in an article celebrating the facility’s opening.

Port Houston, The International Port of Texas

Port Houston is an important economic engine for Conroe, the Houston region, the state of Texas and the entire country. It supports the creation of nearly 1.35 million jobs in Texas, 3.2 million jobs nationwide, and economic activity totaling $339 billion in Texas – 20.6% of Texas’ total gross domestic product (GDP) – and $801.9 billion in economic impact across the nation! International markets are efficiently accessed via Port Houston and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway’s bustling barge traffic lane.

Notable statistics include:

  • Handling more than 200 million short tons of international cargo in 2018
  • Having a national economic impact that includes 3.2 million jobs, $801.9 billion in economic value, and more than $38.1 billion in tax revenue

2022 highlights include:

  • Total container volume in August was a record 382,842 Twenty Equipment Units (TEU), 20% higher than August 2021
  • Steel imports up 83% year-to-date through August
  • Auto import tonnage up 50% in August but remains down 9% for the year compared to last year
  • Began the billion-dollar expansion Project 11 in June 2022 - project partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will widen and deepen the channel by 2025
  • Committed in April to carbon neutrality by 2050

Conroe's World-Class Infrastructure

Conroe has world-class trucking, rail, and air infrastructure to not only connect to Port Houston but also allow for superior supply chain networking with inland suppliers and customers throughout the country.


An array of state and federal highways pass through the area allowing Conroe businesses to access critical suppliers and get their finished products to customers within hours throughout much of North America. As part of the Texas Triangle, Interstate 45 bisects the city from north to south offering quick, efficient access to Dallas and Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Texas State Highway 105 bisects Conroe from west to east taking travelers from beautiful Lake Conroe to charming Downtown Conroe and beyond.


Conroe has unmatched air transportation through regional and international air providers. The Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport and its 7,500-foot main runway can be reached from Conroe’s business parks in a three-minute drive offering immediate access to the world through private and corporate flights. The onsite U.S. Customs facility allows users to clear customs from international flights without the long lines and hassles associated with larger commercial airports. Additionally, the George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston (IAH) is a short 30-minute drive from the city offering flights worldwide.


Railways through Conroe connect to a Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Intermodal Route out of Houston and Union Pacific routes opening up trade possibilities throughout the country. 


Communities no longer overlook Internet access as a critical infrastructure component. Conroe has committed to fast broadband speeds for residential and commercial users, making remote work and corporate use possible. Consolidated Communications maintains a regional office in Conroe with a digital central office and fiberoptic rings throughout the Conroe area, including Conroe Park North, with specialized data lines available to handle today’s high-tech communications demands.

Be Part of Conroe’s Growth

In summary, Conroe lies amidst world-class infrastructure focused on delivering economic success. Contact us today to learn more about how your company can become part of this desirable and fast-growing community!