Possibility is Made Here Featuring Workforce Solutions and Staffing Texas

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23 Sep 2021

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Conroe’s robust and diverse economic landscape leads to a unique blend of job opportunities and career paths. From health services to manufacturing and hospitality to retail, Conroe’s growth is on display with prospects for professionals. Despite the pandemic challenges faced by job seekers and employers, many companies in Conroe are actively looking for skilled employees. Great opportunities await, and Conroe offers the resources to help find them. That’s why in Conroe, Texas, Possibility is Made Here!

Resources that help connect job seekers with companies hiring workers are widely available in Conroe. Workforce Solutions and Staffing Texas, supported by the Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC), are a couple of those valuable resources.

Workforce Solutions, an affiliate of the Gulf Coast Workforce Board, helps individuals build careers and employers meet their human resources needs. Principal Industry Liaison Pedro Chavez has worked closely with the CEDC and has helped partner on workforce initiatives in Conroe. 

“Our focus is to help employers achieve their HR [Human Resources] needs, while at the same time build pipelines for future workforce. We offer a myriad of services and like to view ourselves as an extension of a company’s HR department,” said Chavez. 

Workforce Solutions helps get individuals into careers through training, apprenticeships, and certifications. By recognizing industry trends, Chavez and his team design programs that upskill individuals and strengthen the talent pool. 

“The great thing about apprenticeships is that when you’re done with the program, you are trained and ready to go. You earn as you learn. It’s a good model,” offered Chavez. “Employers love our training programs because they know they are getting employees who are ready to do the job.”

On the employer services side, Workforce Solutions works directly with companies to discover qualified job seekers. Through job posting, recruiting, and screening, the organization helps guide the HR process and connect people with job possibilities. 

“When businesses are relocating to Conroe, they want to know about the available workforce and how to connect with them to support their business. We are here to assist with that,” added Chavez.

Conroe-based Staffing Texas is a partner in the connection between job seekers and employers. Founded by Chastity Perdue more than eight years ago, the company works with Conroe’s broad scope of industries to fill key jobs. Staffing Texas uses a large social media presence, experienced recruiters, and community engagement to build a rapport with businesses and job seekers.

“We want to make it a personable experience for the job seekers and employers. Everyone that comes into our door should feel like they’re part of the Staffing Texas family. That’s how we do it in Conroe,” said Perdue.

Perdue believes that one of the key advantages for Conroe is the measured growth of the area because it means a growing number of opportunities available for job seekers. And with the growth has come a more diverse industry landscape.

“When you look at the companies here, there’s a strong variety. There’s something here for everyone. It doesn’t matter what type of work you’re looking for, Conroe has it all,” added Perdue.

 As Perdue indicates, job opportunities in desirable industries means great possibility for career growth. Conroe businesses recognize, however, that they are competing with companies throughout the region for qualified workers. Perdue believes that strategic hiring practices and highlighting all that Conroe has to offer are ways that Conroe businesses rise above the competition.

“The companies we work with do things better to get their positions filled, and candidates value that,” offered Perdue. “Conroe still has a small town feel with small town values mixed with a dynamic economy. Conroe has done a really good job as a city at creating opportunities for businesses to move here. That has created a lot of possibilities for employment.” 

With no signs of slowing down, Conroe’s economy is dependent on great workers. It is a big reason why the CEDC co-hosts an annual job fair with local workforce partners to connect qualified job seekers with companies recruiting workers. Whether it’s helping people train for a new career path or jumping right into Conroe’s growing workforce, entities like Workforce Solutions and Staffing Texas, supported by the CEDC, are prepared to answer the call. These resources and the strong economic landscape help show that Possibility is Made Here