Prosperity is Made Here Featuring Cantel

Prosperity is Made Here Featuring Cantel Main Photo

12 Jan 2021

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Demonstrated by sustained growth, Conroe has charted a path of economic success. The city continues to welcome businesses - new, expanding, relocating, and local entrepreneurial start-ups. Led by business-friendly principles, thoughtfully designed business parks, and access to world-class talent, the success achieved by Conroe companies clearly shows that in Conroe, Texas, Prosperity is Made Here.

Cantel, a leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and sale of medical devices for endoscopy and infection prevention and control, captures the prosperous nature of the Conroe business environment. Formerly known as Medivators, a Cantel medical company, Cantel’s endoscopy division has built a worldwide clientele with the help of products supplied in Conroe. The company has thrived operating from Conroe Park North, establishing itself as one of the park’s cornerstones and one of Conroe’s largest employers.

“Cantel manufactures medical devices that we distribute worldwide, and we proudly supply our products out of Conroe,” said Vice President of Operations, Bruce Stoltzfus. “We have the necessary infrastructure and business environment in Conroe Park North to succeed and expand our business.”

Cantel carries its positive momentum into 2021 based on a foundation created by a local Conroe entrepreneur more than 20 years ago who aimed to solve problems. And that is where this prosperity story begins.

Don Byrne, who worked as an operating room technician and then a medical sales rep, had seen first-hand the concerns around infection in the endoscopy field. To help resolve these issues and alleviate concerns within medical facilities, he invented nearly a dozen products. His employer at the time helped sell his trademark product, the ENDO SmartCap. Realizing the impact he could have on the industry, and believing in his ability to support himself, Byrne ventured out on his own.

Officially launched full-time by Byrne around the turn of the century, Byrne Medical aimed to fill a need and took advantage of Conroe’s advantageous location to do it. A supportive business environment with quick access to the world-class Texas Medical Center and Bush Intercontinental Airport made Conroe the ideal place for the upstart venture.

“Conroe played a big role in our success for a number of reasons,” said Byrne. “First, we were able to establish key relationships in the Medical Center, just a short drive from Conroe. Second, Conroe proved to be a great place to recruit talent, due to good schools, nice housing, safe communities, and business opportunity. Third, Conroe is not restrictive for businesses. They partner with you to find out what you need to grow and help you meet those needs.”

Byrne Medical achieved quick success, continually outgrowing facilities due to its growth. Ultimately, the company worked with the Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC) to become one of the first tenants in Conroe Park North. Still home to Cantel, which occupies six buildings in the business park, Conroe Park North provided space and resources to help Byrne Medical prosper.

“It has been amazing to watch the success of Conroe Park North and Cantel’s growth within the Park,” offered Byrne. “It is a neat thing to be a part of when you have a vision for something and get to watch it come to fruition. Byrne Medical, Cantel, and Conroe Park North have been able to fulfill that vision together.”

As it flourished, Byrne Medical caught the eye of New-Jersey based Cantel. While not the first time Byrne had been contacted about acquisition, there was something unique and appealing about Cantel.

“The most appealing thing about Cantel was their belief in what Byrne Medical was doing. They did not want to take our products and change our plan. Cantel wanted to grow, expand, and continue forward with the path we were walking in Conroe,” said Byrne. “Cantel fit us like hand in glove. Their products and Byrne Medical’s products combined became a highly sought-after product line for hospitals. Our partnership meant medical facilities could partner with one company who brought everything.”

The acquisition was completed in 2011, as Byrne Medical took the Medivators name. Don Byrne remained with the company for three-and-a-half years before retiring.

The homegrown business created to meet the needs in hospitals around the world is still thriving in Conroe under the name Cantel. Stoltzfus recognizes Conroe’s strengths and ability to deliver Cantel everything it needs to prosper.

“Our business is thriving and is supported in part by the fact that we found everything we need right here in Conroe,” added Stoltzfus.

As Cantel continues to uncover all it needs in Conroe, many other businesses are experiencing similar success. Whether a global medical device company like Cantel aiming to grow, or an ambitious entrepreneur like Don Byrne launching a dream, business leaders are regularly discovering that in Conroe, Texas, Prosperity is Made Here.