Talent is Made Here Featuring New Danville

Talent is Made Here Featuring New Danville Main Photo

23 Aug 2021

More Is Made Here, Area Companies

Conroe’s talent is diverse and inclusive, representative of the greater community. New Danville, a private nonprofit serving adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, is helping to lead the way in giving everyone an opportunity through work partnerships with Conroe area companies. And partnerships like these showcase why in Conroe, Texas, Talent is Made Here.

New Danville, located in neighboring Willis, Texas, was founded in 2005 to create a place where adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities could live independently, work, and have a fulfilling life in a secure and uplifting environment. The community offers residential and day programs. Clients and residents, known proudly as “Wranglers,” participate in a variety of activities that promote independence and productivity, including finding a job on or off New Danville property.

“The programs at New Danville are so rich and different from other places. The activities are geared to what they want to learn,” said Eva Aguirre, New Danville President & CEO. “We help our clients and residents see themselves as valuable contributing members of society. Not just in their life at New Danville, but also in the community.”

In 2019, Houston-based Charbonneau Industries approached Aguirre and New Danville about the opportunity to partner on a project that would employ New Danville Wranglers. The supplier of pipeline products and services asked New Danville if the Wranglers could help make palettes for the company. Aguirre jumped at the idea and quickly partnered with Charbonneau to give clients and residents a special opportunity to build these important items.

“We not only help them build palettes, but we’re also partners. It really is a beautiful thing to watch,” offered Aguirre.

The palette program started with five adults working 16 to 20 hours per week. Due to its success, the number has grown to seven adults helping to build the palettes. Charbonneau covers the cost of materials, equipment, shipping, and labor, while the palettes are built at New Danville.

“We make sure the adults know they are employees of New Danville. We have staff meetings to create as normalized of a work environment that we can provide,” added Aguirre. “The sense of pride is amazing. We’ve seen social maturity in so many.”

Kroger, Walmart, and Conroe’s Incredible Pizza Company also employ adults from New Danville. Aguirre says that New Danville welcomes partnerships with area businesses and believes the community would benefit by hiring more Wranglers.

“It is very important that the community see that adults with intellectual disabilities not only fit but belong in the workplace. Those that want to work make tremendous employees. They’re loyal, on time, and hardworking,” said Aguirre.

New Danville’s success in serving clients and residents has led to growth for the organization. A new capital campaign is being planned that will help expand the independent and assisted living program, as well as to build a new recreational facility and church on property.

This growth will continue to enrich the lives of hundreds of adults in Montgomery County and provide hardworking and loyal employees for businesses throughout the greater Conroe community. New Danville Wranglers are proof that Talent is Made Here.