Green is Made Here Featuring Conroe Parks and Recreation

Green is Made Here Featuring Conroe Parks and Recreation Main Photo

17 Mar 2023

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Set among a beautiful natural landscape of trees, rivers, and lakes, Conroe offers residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy bountiful recreational opportunities. Recognizing the importance of recreation to quality of life, the City of Conroe Parks and Recreation Department invests heavily in maintaining its robust collection of parks and facilities. As the weather turns to spring and St. Patrick’s Day permeates the pigment, we appreciate how, in Conroe, Green is Made Here

The City of Conroe’s 20 parks offer desirable amenities and abundant green space to enjoy year around. Playgrounds, pavilions, basketball courts, dog parks, picnic areas, and sports fields span all corners of the city. Hundreds of acres of park land and miles of trails deliver a chance to explore Conroe’s emerald beauty. Along with half a dozen recreation centers, Conroe’s offerings present the ideal setting for fellowship, fitness, and fun. 

“The Parks and Recreation administrative office is located in Candy Cane Park. Every hour of every day, during operating hours, someone is either walking the pathway, playing pickleball, or enjoying the playgrounds. The citizens of Conroe love their parks and appreciate them. Staff are here to ensure their experience is a memorable one,” said Mike Riggens, Director of Parks and Recreation.

To maintain these top parks and facilities, Parks and Recreation employs a committed staff. These men and women are critical in making sure that green is made and enjoyed in Conroe.

“I’m honored to be on a team that is truly dedicated to the department's vision and will go above and beyond to make sure citizens are enjoying special events, programs, facilities, and anything else that we do,” added Riggens.

Pictured: Opening day of the Parks and Recreation Department youth soccer program called Conroe United

Photo credit: Andrew Yousse, City of Conroe Communications Coordinator and PIO

Pictured: Recent Arbor Day celebration

Photo credit: Jason Fochtman with the Conroe Courier


The strong parks system is not only critical in helping residents and visitors maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it also helps Conroe position itself as a desirable location for new development. Companies continue to invest more in their employees, which means locating in places where their teams can enjoy a strong quality of life. Riggens and his staff recognize that and are proud of the role they play in making Conroe an attractive location for families and businesses.

“Parks and Recreation facilities and programs draw people to Conroe when they’re looking for places to move, as they offer physical, mental, economic and social benefits,” offered Riggens. “All these benefits make Conroe a great place to live, work, and play.”

It is not just the Parks and Recreation Department that recognizes the importance of their offerings. The City of Conroe and the Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC) provide support for parks, facilities, and programs that draw people to enjoy Conroe’s family and festive atmosphere.

A strategic plan was completed by the City of Conroe in recent years to be sure that Conroe’s parks were accommodating the city’s growth. The master plan continues to be updated and has led to exciting investments to enhance the recreational offerings in Conroe.

Owen Park and Westside Recreation Center opened in January, bringing 116 acres of green space and 30,000 square feet of indoor space to southwest Conroe. Located along the West Fork San Jacinto River, Riggens expressed the department’s desire to connect Owen Park to McDade Park, just to the north, via a river trail. 

Near downtown Conroe, construction is set to begin on the new 87,000-square-foot Oscar Johnson Jr. Community Center. Funded by the Conroe Industrial Development Corporation, the governing board of the CEDC, the $41 million investment will replace the existing 10,000-square-foot version of the recreation center. Home to afterschool programming, special events, and community meetings, the new facility will offer more offices, event space, fitness areas, playgrounds, and other amenities for visitors to enjoy.

Conroe Parks and Recreation hosts several special events that invite the community to enjoy its green spaces and various amenities. From free concerts and movies to holiday festivals, Conroe presents a jubilant environment. Families will find particular enjoyment at KidzFest held every April in downtown Conroe. Attracting more than 15,000 people annually, the free event invites kids to explore, play, and learn at the specially designed activity villages. 

Conroe Parks and Recreation’s vision is to bring people together to change lives. As shamrocks decorate the month of March, Conroe is reminded how lucky it is to have a thriving parks and recreation system that does just that. In Conroe, Texas, Green is Made Here!