Making Your Mark is Made Here Featuring ABI Digital Solutions

Making Your Mark is Made Here Featuring ABI Digital Solutions Main Photo

24 Jan 2022

More Is Made Here, Area Companies

Since 1993, Conroe-based ABI Digital Solutions (ABI) has marched to the front as an industry leader in large digital printing services. ABI’s attention to detail, ability to innovate, and dedication to customer service has driven business success. Having served more than 2,000 customers, ABI’s professional print products showcase that in Conroe, Making Your Mark is Made Here!

CEO and Founder Dan Henrichs created ABI to focus on billboard printing. When billboards shifted away from hand painting, Henrichs, who had a background in the industry, saw an opportunity to produce large, printed signs featured on billboards. 

After making its mark in the billboard industry, ABI has taken advantage of new opportunities and industry trends. Henrichs estimated that billboards were once 99 percent of ABI’s business, but a very specific, yet popular product, has shifted ABI’s focus. The beneficiary of ABI’s big shift? High school marching bands.

A trend in recent years has been for marching bands to place a tarp, often with screen printed graphics, on top of the court or field on which it is performing. These tarps serve the practical purpose of protecting indoor courts and also the artistic element of adding to a show’s aesthetic. 

ABI, with its large printing expertise, began receiving inquiries from bands around the country with a need for these tarps. Upon finding the reason for why so many schools were requesting this product, ABI began dedicating more time and efforts on serving high school band needs.

“We bought one of the first printers available to do this kind of work,” said Henrichs. “Our business has grown from there. Schools are about 80 percent of our business now. We print for schools in just about every state,” offered Henrichs.

Thanks to connections made at trade shows and competitions, including the popular color guard and band competition Winter Guard International, ABI has expanded beyond performance tarps. ABI now prints products for nearly all aspects of these performances, including color guard flags, backdrops, and uniforms.

“I don’t know of another company who does everything we do, from floors to flags to uniforms,” added Henrichs.

ABI and its 25 employees are leading the way in the marching band business, but their expertise goes well beyond that. The company produces wall murals, banners, vehicle wraps, window graphics, and tradeshow graphics. While Covid-19 impacted the company, Henrichs is encouraged by recent orders and believes the company is set to come out stronger. A big reason for his optimism is the excellence and dependability with which ABI has made its mark.

“If you’re good at what you do, it’s a great time to be growing your business. Companies are looking for quality, reliable vendors,” said Henrichs. “ABI is known as a company you can depend on.”

As customer needs evolve, ABI continues innovating to deliver a quality, on-time product, and that commitment has helped its clients display their very best. ABI’s products and success exemplify why in Conroe, Texas, Making Your Mark is Made Here.