Site Selection

Conroe, Texas, is ideally situated six minutes from the Woodlands and 45 minutes from Houston. Many companies have a headquarters in the Woodlands and distribution centers or manufacturing facilities in Conroe. As one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and the seat of government for Montgomery County, Conroe attracts a wide variety of industries ranging from tourism and dining to distribution, manufacturing and professional services.

From an infrastructure and access perspective, Conroe offers the best of all worlds: major metros in the “Texas Triangle” can be reached in hours using the interstate system; the Port of Houston is less than an hour away; the city has an airport to support private and corporate air travel; and one of the largest airports in the world (IAH) is just 30 minutes away. This access is all available without the heavy traffic that comes from locating in Houston proper, making it easier to get in and out of Conroe. 


Conroe has two city-owned business parks that make it fast and affordable to locate in the city. 

aerial photo of conroe

Conroe Park North

conroe park northThe 1,655-acre industrial park is fully platted and ready for occupancy with streets, city utilities and signage. Located on FM 3083 in Conroe, two miles east of I-45, Houston is only 40 minutes away. Companies currently locating within Conroe Park North represent a wide variety of industries, including medical device manufacturing; freight distribution; advanced manufacturing; machining; food processing; specialty packaging; oilfield services; commercial product distribution; warehousing and higher education. 

When choosing to build a 145,200 square-foot warehouse in Conroe Park North, John Babington, owner of Buske Logistics, said, “The existing infrastructure in and around Conroe Park North creates a smart investment for us because the structure is there. The economics make sense versus competing parks in the area.”

Deison Technology Park

deison technology park entranceWithin its 248 acres and close proximity to Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport, Deison Technology Park (DTP) brings together the elements that contribute to today’s successful office campus. Designed by Burditt as more of an integrated technology business community, DTP provides a centralized structure for accessing a skilled workforce, data security, high speed internet, low cost energy and utilities and a robust incentive program.

Deison Technology Park is an office park suitable for your corporate campus, research and development or office facility. DTP is an eco-friendly business location that companies can be proud to reside.

deison technology park

aerial artist's rendering of deison technology park

Site Selectors and Companies are Choosing Conroe, Texas

Companies are choosing to invest in and relocate to one of the fastest growing communities in the country - Conroe, Texas. Recently announced projects include VGXI, Inc. building a 240,000 square-foot manufacturing facility to produce plasmid DNA for vaccines and gene therapies in Deison Technology Park and Five Below Inc., a Philadelphia-based retailer, constructing an 858,000 square-foot distribution center in Conroe Park North.