Enhancement is Made Here feat. Sabre Industries

Enhancement is Made Here feat. Sabre Industries Main Photo

31 Jan 2024

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A robust, capable workforce is among the many reasons companies choose to locate in Conroe. The area’s growth and collaboration between key stakeholders has enabled local businesses, like Sabre Industries, to hire qualified employees to fill key positions. Additionally, investments made in their personnel has helped Sabre retain their talent and enhance their overall workforce. Sabre’s personnel commitment details how Enhancement is Made Here.

Sabre Industries provides utility and telecom solutions with a focus on innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. A dedication to communities, and the people within them, is a core principle for the Texas-based company which operates in Conroe Park North.

“Our mission and vision is to connect America’s communities with our world class utility and telecommunication solutions. We build reliable communities together,” said Derek Howard, Recruiter for Sabre.

One of the most important communities for Sabre is their own workforce. The company’s commitment to their employees drives success and helps the company achieve its work throughout the United States.

“It’s the people that make Sabre. The leadership is great. They fight for their employees. It's genuine care for our employees,” added Howard.

Howard joined Sabre through the Hiring our Heroes program after transitioning out of the United States Army. He believes the company’s welcoming environment and emphasis on work/life balance has established a reputation in Conroe that enables them to enhance their team with top talent.

“I get a lot of feedback from the career counselors at Lone Star College that their students have requested their resumes be sent directly to Sabre Industries,” Howard offered.

Howard’s goal is to find individuals who are eager to work and are committed to the company. The 12th annual Conroe Job Fair, hosted by the Conroe Economic Development Council on January 23, was an ideal place to find motivated talent. After hiring a handful of job seekers at the 2023 job fair, Howard was encouraged by the turnout and quality this year.

“It’s going really, really well,” said Howard, who was hiring for nearly half a dozen positions. “I’m asking questions about their background. Can they read schematics, blueprints, stuff like that? About 80 percent of job seekers said they could do that, which is great. That’s what I’m excited about.”

Howard was planning to connect with dozens of qualified applicants as early as the next day. Once the typical pre-employment process is complete, Sabre is prepared with in-house training to enhance their operations for today and into the future.

“I received a lot of questions about certifications. What’s great about Sabre, especially for welders, is that you don’t need a certification,” Howard added. “Our weld coaches and managers that are here at our facility and across Sabre will teach new employees. They’ll sit down to show you the ropes to get you up to speed. It’s always good to see the leadership build and train, because one day those people that they’re training will fill their positions.”

Upward movement and growth is the name of the game for Sabre. Howard said the company expects to expand in Conroe later this year, which means an opportunity to grow the workforce again soon. He plans to build a pipeline of potential hires from those that attended the job fair.

“My goal from everybody here is to hire ten to fifteen. I want to stretch our capacity. I want to get these individuals pre-qualified, so that when we have more slots, they’re ready to go,” said Howard.

Sabre’s growth and continued success in Conroe will depend on its people. The company’s dedication to hiring, training, and fostering talent promises that Sabre should continue to enhance its talent and operations. Sabre Industries shows that Enhancement is Made Here.