Conroe Set to Welcome New Establishments as Great Taste is Made Here

Conroe Set to Welcome New Establishments as Great Taste is Made Here Main Photo

19 Feb 2021

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Conroe, already a popular spot for food and beverage options, is about to get even tastier with the addition of several new concepts. Led by local entrepreneurs, Conroe is thriving as a destination to eat, drink, and enjoy entertainment. These exciting new establishments continue to elevate Conroe's status as a delightful destination and further prove that Great Taste is Made Here!

Inspired by a love of winemaking, specifically honey wine, or mead, Mike and Cathy Rape are set to open The Ferm Meadery. The couple fell in love with mead on a trip to Savannah, Georgia, and designed a long-term plan to launch their own meadery.

The plan was expedited for the Conroe natives in 2020 when the pandemic limited their other businesses, Audio Visual Professional Group and 3 Phase Rentals, and gave the couple the opportunity to pursue their meadery dream. Now ready to launch their venture, the plan has led them to Downtown Conroe where The Ferm Meadery is nearly ready to open its doors.

“The dream began as a five-to-ten-year plan, but it was ramped up due to COVID-19,” said Mike. “We have been making wine for years as a hobby and are thrilled to be able to serve it in Conroe. We plan to have a lot of fun with it.”

Located at 225 Simonton Street, The Ferm Meadery will span 2,400 square-feet with a 1,500 square-foot tasting room. Following an intense renovation by the Rapes, the 1940’s-era building is perfectly suited to welcome mead connoisseurs and those trying honey wine for the first time. The rustic-themed meadery will also have live music to enhance the atmosphere.

Cathy, who studied at the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science, and Mike, who plans to teach for the American Mead Makers Association, will share their knowledge and expertise with customers through tours and tastings. Patrons will get the opportunity to sip on session meads (Cathy’s specialty) and bochets (Mike’s favorite) when visiting the tasting room. The Ferm Meadery will use local honey from Montgomery County to make their mead.

“We want to educate people about mead,” offered Mike.

“The plan is to begin with five types of meads, but we can ramp up rapidly,” added Cathy. “We love to play with flavors because there is so much you can do with mead.”

Mike and Cathy are thrilled to be part of thriving Downtown Conroe, which is in the midst of a food and beverage renaissance. The Ferm Meadery arrives at a time when restaurants, bakeries, breweries, and more are planning locations and opening their doors.

“Downtown Conroe is a place where you can spend an entire evening,” said Cathy. “Walkability, arts and entertainment, and so many dining options give it great appeal.”

Just a couple doors down from The Ferm Meadery, another exciting establishment is on tap. While Martin’s Hall continues to operate as a popular live music venue, Janese Sokulski, who purchased Martin’s last year, has a plan to further take advantage of Martin’s ideal downtown location by transforming the venue into a two-story restaurant featuring whiskey and wine. Janese will continue to bring entertainment to Conroe by utilizing the existing stage for live music.

An investor in several Downtown Conroe ventures, including 202 Main, Janese sees Conroe as a destination to enjoy food, drinks, and entertainment.

“The future is bright for Conroe. There is something to attract people to Conroe every night,” said Janese. “I see Conroe becoming a destination where people say, ‘Let’s go downtown and figure out what we’re going to do tonight’ because you will have so many things to do.”

From Lake Conroe to Downtown to Grand Central Park, delicious new food and beverage establishments continue to satisfy local taste buds all across Conroe. Growth in Conroe continues at a rapid pace, opening the door to culinary entrepreneurs looking for a flourishing, welcoming community. With so many new ways to sip and dine, it's no wonder than in Conroe, Texas, Great Taste is Made Here!