Conroe - strategic location and robust infrastructure

Conroe, Texas, is a popular destination for manufacturing and distribution companies due to the community's strategic location and robust infrastructure. These infrastructure advantages extend to the corporate sector as well, given fast broadband speeds and access to a regional airport and the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

Location Advantages


With an array of state and federal highways serving the area, Conroe offers ease of access to get your products to local and global audiences.

Within about a three-hour drive are the Texas cities of Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, and Lafayette, Louisiana. Within a one-day drive, you could easily reach: El Paso, Texas; Wichita, Kansas; Tulsa, Oklahoma;  Fayetteville, Arkansas; New Orleans, Louisiana; Jackson, Mississippi; or Mobile, Alabama.


Conroe is an ideal location for companies in need of both regional air transportation and international air travel. Just a three-minute drive from both business parks, Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport provides immediate access to the world through both private and corporate flights. You can land almost any airplane on the 7,500-foot main runway. It has a U.S. Customs facility that can clear customs from international flights without the long lines and hassles associated with larger commercial airports. 

In addition, George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston (IAH) is a short 30-minute drive from the city. With two airports to choose from, corporate air travel is easier than ever!


The Port of Houston, the second largest tonnage port in the United States, is located 45 miles south of Conroe. It is the largest Gulf Coast container port, ranked first in foreign tonnage and third in total foreign cargo value. International trade is brought closer to home through Conroe's proximity to this world-class port. 


Rail service is provided by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe for east/west shipping and by the Union Pacific Railway for materials going north or south.


connect in just hours by air



Fast broadband speeds make it possible to work from home in Conroe and to have fast internet at the office. Consolidated Communications maintains a regional office in Conroe with a digital central office and fiberoptic rings throughout the Conroe area, including Conroe Park North. Several points of presence are located in the area, and specialized data lines are available to handle today’s high-tech communications demands. Comcast and Suddenlink both have a high penetration rate within the city with all major networks and premium and other channels available, as well as digital cable service and high-speed internet. 

Electric and Natural Gas 

Entergy provides Conroe with electricity, and CenterPoint Energy provides natural gas. To provide dependable service at the lowest cost possible, Entergy has diversified its fuel mix using natural gas, hydroelectric, oil, coal, and nuclear power as fuel sources. Entergy Texas' commercial and industrial rates are very competitive when compared to electric rates of other companies in the state. CenterPoint Energy also offers competitive rates throughout the area.

Water and Sewer

Water is an ample resource in Conroe from both deep underground wells and surface water from Lake Conroe. In addition, the economic development sales tax provides funds for major infrastructure improvements to serve the business community.