Every Day is Made Here Featuring Texas Tissue Converting

Every Day is Made Here Featuring Texas Tissue Converting Main Photo

28 Sep 2022

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Utilizing its purposefully designed, state-of-the-art Conroe facility, Texas Tissue Converting manufactures key products used every day by people around the world. From bath tissue to paper towels, Texas Tissue’s commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency keeps the everyday from becoming ordinary. With record growth and plans to do even more in Conroe, Texas Tissue demonstrates how Every Day is Made Here.

Texas Tissue was founded seven years ago after a feasibility study showed Texas Tissue Chief Executive Officer Luis Gomez and Chief Financial Officer Joe Suarez that there was untapped potential for paper tissue production in Texas. After visiting several locations in the state, the partners decided that Conroe offered the best business environment for their new venture.

“It’s been excellent. The partnership with the State of Texas, Montgomery County, and the City of Conroe is unparalleled,” said Suarez.

Texas Tissue opened their 403,000-square-foot Conroe plant in June 2021. Utilizing the two production lines brought over from their temporary 146,000-square-foot Houston facility and adding a brand new third line, production and sales have soared. Revenues are up approximately 20% year-over-year. A fourth and fifth converting line are already designated in future growth plans.

The facility in Conroe Park North includes 12,000 square feet of office space, training rooms, reception areas in shipping and receiving, and a climate-controlled production facility. The facility is laid out to maximize efficiency and floor utilization, smartly flowing from receiving to production to shipping. 

“It’s like having a custom home,” offered Patty Cassell, Director of Human Resources. “A lot of thought went into the layout and design of the facility.”

Texas Tissue has also invested greatly in automation and technology to improve operations, communication, and safety. Equipped with the best converting technology in the world, Texas Tissue is able to meet the growing demand for their products.

“We believe deeply in technology and invest deeply in technology,” said Suarez. “It’s a passion for excellence at the end of the day. If you have a passion for excellence in everything you do, then you want to be there with state-of-the-art technology.”

The innovative and cutting-edge manufacturing machinery allows Texas Tissue to produce a variety of key products for a wide range of clients.

Texas Tissue needs skilled employees more than ever before. Conroe’s talent pool was very attractive to the founders, and it has proven to be a major benefit for the company. Texas Tissue has added more than a dozen employees since arriving in Conroe, now at approximately 80 full-time employees, and expects to grow to nearly 150 when fully expanded. With the assistance of grants from Lone Star College, Texas Tissue is also investing in training for their growing staff.

“Conroe has a strong talent pool. We’re tapping into that,” said Cassell.

“Talent was one of the key attractions when we first visited Conroe in 2014. We felt that we could tap into a really good labor force and people would like to live in this area,” added Suarez.

Like many successful companies, good partners are needed to succeed. A number of partners have helped Texas Tissue realize their Conroe dream, including Locke Lord, Simmons Bank, PKF, and Capital CDC. The Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC) worked closely with Suarez and Gomez to make Conroe a suitable home for Texas Tissue, and the CEDC continues to look for ways to help the company thrive.

Texas Tissue shows that everyday products can be improved through modernization, talent, and vision. The company’s commitment to improving these products for their customers is on display, beginning with production in Conroe. Innovative solutions are found daily at Texas Tissue showing that Every Day is Made Here!