Galdisa USA Knows Sustainability is Made Here

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25 May 2021

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Sustainability is achieved in several ways. In business, sustained success is a goal driven by many factors, such as a business-friendly environment and product innovation. Sustainability can also mean protecting the environment for future generations. Galdisa USA, based in Conroe Park North, has discovered that Conroe’s business climate and their own commitment to economic and environmental sustainability is a perfect partnership. Galdisa USA's story helps explain why in Conroe, Texas, Sustainability is Made Here.

Galdisa USA is a sheller and processor of peanuts and peanut products. Consumers can find their peanuts in items such as granola bars, cookies, and ice cream. Founded in Mexico in 1957, Galdisa opened their first United States plant in Conroe in 2018. The company has found quick success in the three years that the plant has been operational.

Victor Galindo, Galdisa USA’s Regional President, explains that the company’s viability in Conroe has been led by three factors: logistical flexibility, a great culture, and increased demand.

A key reason for Galdisa’s investment in Texas was to get closer to their suppliers and customers in the United States. Located near peanut producers in places like San Antonio, Galdisa USA can quickly get their product. Additionally, Galdisa USA can ship their products to customers around the United States via Port Houston and Texas’ strong road and rail infrastructure.

“Our location in Conroe gives us the ability to be more flexible with logistics, leading to better customer service,” said Galindo.

Galindo also recognizes that being closer to suppliers and customers has cut down on the company’s carbon footprint. With fewer emissions, Galdisa USA is acting on its commitment of sustainability.

Galdisa USA’s culture is built by its people. A workforce committed to serving customers around the world has been swiftly established at the Conroe facility. With 30 employees and counting, Galindo is encouraged by Conroe’s highly skilled labor, well-suited to operate the company’s automated machinery.

“In our industry, we need a skilled, open-minded, and hands-on team. That is what we have managed to find and build in Conroe,” added Galindo.

Increased demand for peanuts and peanut products is an external factor boosting Galdisa USA’s success. Eating healthier meals at home, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is a trend that Galindo has recognized.

“Demand for our products continues to increase. More people are trying to build their diet around plant-based proteins like peanuts,” said Galindo.

Another trend noticed by Galindo is people’s desire to eat foods that are produced via sustainable methods. With customers’ increased knowledge about the foods they ingest, Galdisa USA understands that industry sustainability is critical.

“Peanuts are a zero-waste product,” offered Galindo. “It is a very sustainable crop, and we are proud of that.”

Galindo explains how every part of the peanut has a use: shells can be used to make energy, hearts are turned into bird food, and skins are reused as cattle feed. Additionally, peanuts are a nitrogen-fixing crop. Peanuts convert atmospheric nitrogen from the air and release the nitrogen through the plant into the soil. Healthy soil yields more peanuts, highlighting its sustainability.

Water usage for peanuts is also very low, especially compared to other nuts. Galindo stated that roughly five gallons of water are needed to produce one ounce of peanuts. In contrast, to produce one ounce of almonds, 80 gallons of water are needed.

As Galdisa USA looks to the future, the company is excited about business and environmental sustainability and economic growth. Galindo wants to continue to grow the bulk ingredient segment and eventually make the step into retail products. He also hopes to make customers aware of the sustainable methods in which these products are produced.

“Customers want to know the story of their food, and we want to tell it. There is an opportunity to promote the sustainability of our industry,” said Galindo.

Galindo knows that the company’s success goals can be sustained in Conroe and their product can sustain the growing environment.

“You cannot ask for more than you have in Conroe," offered Galindo.

And that's why in Conroe, Texas, Sustainability is Made Here.