Longevity is Made Here Featuring Brownlee Jewelers

Longevity is Made Here Featuring Brownlee Jewelers Main Photo

7 Mar 2022

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For 90 years, Brownlee Jewelers has been serving the Conroe community with exceptional customer service and personalized selection. A staple in downtown, the store has assisted generations of customers and developed a loyal base. Brownlee Jewelers’ ability to evolve, while maintaining its historic charm, makes it a truly unique success story. Their commitment to Conroe, and vice versa, showcases why Longevity is Made Here.

Conroe native Janice Parish has worked at Brownlee Jewelers since 1981 and run the store since the late 80’s. Under former owner and mentor Pinky Brownlee, Parish learned about jewelry, running a business, and customer service. Parish has continued Brownlee’s tradition of treating customers like family at 201 Simonton Street.

“Mr. Brownlee taught me so much, especially customer service. That has always been the number one thing for us. The way we greet and serve customers shows how much we appreciate their business,” said Parish.

In addition to a focus on customer service, Brownlee Jewelers concentrates on offering a selection of jewelry that fits its loyal market. Additionally, Parish places value on being able to create custom designs presented to her. Being a small business allows Brownlee more flexibility and customization. This approach, plus a cultural push to shop local, signals good news for Brownlee Jewelers.

“People appreciate the ability to shop local in Conroe. If you can meet your customers where they are and you have the merchandise they want to buy, that’s a pretty good recipe for success,” added Parish. 

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8, Parish reflects on the ways she has been able to successfully operate and grow Brownlee Jewelers. She credits her experience as a mother and treating her customers like they are her own children. Between herself and Judy Brandon, an employee with Brownlee, customers are truly treated like family. Parish also points out that there is a special energy to women-owned businesses and she is proud to be a part of that community.

“Being a woman is power. We have as much influence in all areas as anybody else,” says Parish. “It’s hard work that has women in this position. None of us just sit down and expect it. We’re going to work for it, just as hard as anybody else.”


As downtown Conroe develops and expands, Parish sees opportunity for Brownlee Jewelers to meet the needs of a growing area. Similar to Brownlee, downtown has evolved and experienced a renaissance with people looking to flock to cultural centers. Parish works closely with the City of Conroe to provide input on how downtown can continue to move forward, and she’s already thrilled with the progress.

“What we’ve developed in Downtown Conroe is a destination. It’s a place that people are excited about,” offered Parish. “When I lock my door in the evening, I see people everywhere. We’ve got IT and everybody wants what we have.”

Businesses look at Brownlee Jewelers and want what it has, as well. A beautiful downtown store, great leadership, a loyal customer base, and a dedication to its craft has Brownlee thriving nine decades from its inception. That kind of permanence does not come easy, and it’s special to Conroe. Hand-in-hand with historic downtown Conroe, Brownlee Jewelers shows that in Conroe, Texas, Longevity is Made Here!