Target Industries

The Conroe Economic Development Council welcomes all businesses to join our fast-growing community. Our convenient location, available commercial property near Houston, infrastructure assets, workforce, and incentives can be leveraged by nearly any industry.

We have identified several target industries that would do exceptionally well in Conroe due to our current business ecosystem. These industries may be particularly poised to benefit from our local and state incentives, deep underground wells, and surface water from Lake Conroe. In addition, the economic development sales tax provides funds for major infrastructure improvements to serve the business community.

Target Industries

The industries Conroe Economic Development Council identified are:

advanced manufacturing icon

Advanced Manufacturing

energy services icon

Energy Services

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Distribution and Logistics

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Life Sciences

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Professional and Business Services 

Hear It From Companies in Conroe

Companies like Kayden Industries, a Canadian-based oilfield solutions and environmental services company, fit within these target industries and has recently chosen to move to Conroe.

“We have been looking at ways to move manufacturing to the United States. Having a facility where manufacturing, training and management are together is a natural progression for the company,” said Brad Keating, Vice President.

“Low-taxes, access to a talented workforce and remaining in close proximity to where our employees want to live are all things we like about the new Conroe location,” added Kyle Ulveland, Vice President. “The access that the region gives us to anywhere in North America continues to be an asset. Locating our U.S. headquarters in Conroe, close to critical infrastructure, amplifies that accessibility.”