Special Delivery is Made Here Featuring Meals on Wheels Montgomery County

Special Delivery is Made Here Featuring Meals on Wheels Montgomery County Main Photo

8 Dec 2022

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While Santa Claus may make a special delivery to good girls and boys on Christmas Eve, residents, companies, and organizations across Conroe are bringing joy and blessings to neighbors throughout the entire holiday season. Meals on Wheels Montgomery County is doing its part by delivering nourishment to the area’s most vulnerable population. Serving thousands of meals every week of the year, Meals on Wheels Montgomery County shows our community's homebound seniors and their pets that Special Delivery is Made Here.

Founded in 1973, Meals on Wheels Montgomery County has operated with a mission to help homebound seniors. Staff and volunteers collaborate to keep seniors well-nourished and connected to community while keeping the independence that comes with living at home.

The special delivery of warm, nutritious meals is the largest part of the Meals on Wheels operation. Meals on Wheels Montgomery County covers all 1,047 square miles of Montgomery County and delivers approximately 900 meals per day. Every meal is cooked from scratch by full-time chefs in the organization’s Conroe headquarters then distributed in coolers around the county. Volunteers stationed at 92 different routes deliver the meals to homebound seniors around lunchtime each weekday.


Home cooked frozen meals are distributed to the same population to keep them fed on weekends. Providing meals for this group, many of whom do not have the ability to make their own food, is key toward maintaining independence.

“Our program allows seniors to stay in their homes and that’s what we want,” said Meals on Wheels Montgomery County President and CEO Summer Day.

Meals on Wheels Montgomery County makes special deliveries in several other ways:

  • The Breakfast Bags program was created when it was discovered that many clients were not taking their morning medicine due to a lack of food. Delivered every other Saturday, two weeks’ worth of breakfasts are provided in bags decorated by volunteers.
  • The aniMeals program helps nourish furry friends and prevents clients from sharing valuable meals with their companions.
  • The Seniors Helping Seniors program is designed to give clients the opporutnity to make crafts that are delivered as special gifts to fellow seniors. The opportunity to stay connected and involved is critical.


“Everybody wants to feel valued in life. It gives them a purpose and recognizes that they can still make a difference,” added Day.

Special deliveries are not limited to the meals and crafts provided to homebound seniors. Meals on Wheels Montgomery County also helps keep seniors connected to community by operating a program that takes able-bodied seniors without their own transportation to medical appointments, grocery stores, and community centers. Nearly 1,500 rides per month help keep seniors healthy, active, and socially engaged. In true holiday spirit, later this month, the organization will be utilizing their transportation efforts to take seniors to look at Christmas lights.

“We know it’s best for seniors to stay social as long as possible,” said Day. “We wholistically care for our clients. It’s more than a meal.”

With a lean budget and staff, Meals on Wheels Montgomery County depends greatly on volunteers. Fortunately, residents of Conroe and Montgomery County have a strong desire to serve. More than 100 volunteers per day make the meal program work, from kitchen to delivery. Hundreds of volunteers assist with additional programs to execute the wholistic approach that Day discussed. Many volunteers become like family to the seniors they serve. In some cases, Meals on Wheels Montgomery County volunteers are the only interaction clients experience.

“We truly live in the best community. When we put an ask out there, they rally,” said Day of the volunteer participation.

Donation of Prayer Blankets Received and Distributed by Meals on Wheels Montgomery County


Meals on Wheels Montgomery County was originally founded on Third Street in Conroe and moved from south Montgomery County into their current Conroe facility two years ago. The move has helped the organization triple its meal production and has provided more access to volunteers and businesses.

“I’m so thankful to be centrally located in Conroe. There’s such a pulse here and to be a part of that is pretty amazing,” added Day. “We’ve seen the volunteer participation increase since our move. Engaging with the local businesses here has been key, as well.”

Meals on Wheels Montgomery County is ensuring that Santa Claus is not the only one providing joy this holiday season. Thousands of meals, specially made crafts, and social engagement will be presented to seniors throughout Conroe. Thanks to Meals on Wheels Montgomery County, Special Delivery is Made Here!