Sapphire Gas Solutions Showcases Why Dependability is Made Here

Sapphire Gas Solutions Showcases Why Dependability is Made Here Main Photo

20 Jun 2023

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Businesses worldwide are accountable to key stakeholders from customers to employees to community partners. Dependability, or lack thereof, often dictates how companies are viewed. For Conroe-based Sapphire Gas Solutions, dependability is paramount, a message that stretches throughout the organization. The growing company shows that, in Conroe, Dependability is Made Here.

Sapphire focuses on gas supply and energy transition solutions across the country via its turnkey virtual pipeline infrastructure services and equipment. The company was founded in 2005 by Sam Thigpen, drawing on his key experience in the natural gas market. Sapphire initially concentrated on midstream services and support but expanded to include mobile gas solutions in 2010. Today the company has several service divisions and operates in more than 40 states. 

Thigpen stresses dependability to meet customer needs. Sapphire's solutions include bringing natural gas to end users of a pipeline that is out of service, compressing natural gas from a pipeline that needs servicing, and delivering natural gas to customers who do not have access to a pipeline. The company also responds to natural disasters from hurricanes on the gulf and Atlantic coasts to wildfires out west. In every case, dependable and timely performance is key.

“We’re a service company and always have been. When customers call us with a need, they’re already having problems. We don’t have a lot of room for failure,” said Thigpen. “We are the people that help them in a time of need, so we just live the mantra that when we get the call, we have to perform. Our people have done that, so our customers are loyal.”




Photos courtesy of Sapphire Gas Solutions

Having dependable people is the key to it all, according to Thigpen. The company currently employs around 100 people and expects to employ around 130 people by the end of the year. Thigpen looks for people that are driven and enjoy the service-based nature of the job. 

“I can teach people skills. I can’t teach them to have a good work ethic or grit, so we’ve really focused on that in our recruiting. We look for people that are excited about what they do,” added Thigpen.

Sapphire reciprocates by creating a desirable atmosphere for employees. Providing a dependable environment where the team can enjoy the job is important to Thigpen.

“I think a big part of the reason our people make us so successful is that we’ve created a place where people truly get up and want to come to work,” said Thigpen. “It doesn’t mean that every day is easy or that we don’t have problems, but we wanted to build an environment where we focused on customer service, quality of work, and a good work ethic. We have people in the organization who believe in those things.”

The Sapphire buy-in to dependability is on display when working on projects. “Making it personal,” Thigpen says, is a big part of doing the job well, and he encourages that approach.

“Our people personalize it when they see it. They see families at home or they see a business that’s running because of what they’re doing. They take a sense of pride in that. We empower our people to take ownership and take on that responsibility,” offered Thigpen.

Sapphire is looking at future training opportunities to continue hiring the most dependable talent. Facilitated by the Conroe Economic Development Council, Sapphire has started discussing an industry training program with Lone Star College-Conroe Center. The program would create a workforce pipeline and help Sapphire deliver dependable and repeatable training from coast-to-coast.

“Dependability is exactly why we’re talking to Lone Star College. I need a training and onboarding program for our new employees that I can replicate. If I work with an institution like Lone Star College, I can implement that program in the other regions where we work. Now we’ve got something that’s dependable and repeatable,” said Thigpen.

The ability to partner and do business with local entities like Lone Star College was a big reason Thigpen moved the business to Conroe. The small-town feel allows for personal and dependable relationships. Thigpen also points to Conroe’s affordability and qualified workforce as reasons for landing here. With its corporate office on Interstate 45 in Conroe and two other shop and yard locations in town, Sapphire is invested in Conroe.

Sapphire’s ability to deliver critical natural gas solutions is essential to its stakeholders. A focus on good people, customer service, and personalization makes it all possible. Sapphire Gas Solutions shows that Dependability is Made Here!