Cutting Edge is Made Here Featuring Shepard’s Barber Shop

Cutting Edge is Made Here Featuring Shepard’s Barber Shop Main Photo

21 Jul 2021

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As Conroe thrives through innovation, the historic charm of the city remains vital to businesses, residents, and community leaders. Conroe’s proud history continues to be on display with Downtown Conroe as the epicenter. Shepard’s Barber Shop, the longest continually operating barber shop in Texas, highlights this history. With an old school approach and a lasting connection to the community, Shepard’s shows that cutting edge is not just about modernization.

At the intersection of culture, commerce, and charm, you find Downtown Conroe. Historic buildings and landmark businesses help take you back to a different era. That feeling hits you immediately when you enter Shepard’s Barber Shop, founded in 1912 in the heart of the city.

At Shepard’s, you are greeted with nostalgia, friendly faces, and a hello from owner Leon Apostolo, who has been cutting hair at Shepard’s Barber Shop for more than 40 years. He purchased the business from Bob Shepard in 2013.

Shepard’s Barber Shop, located at 116 Simonton St, is lined with hundreds of old photos that show Conroe and Shepard’s rich history, including a photo of Elvis Presley receiving a haircut at Shepard’s in 1955. A Conroe native, Apostolo enjoys capturing the nostalgia and taking his clients back in time.

“I enjoy what I do. I like the relationships and making them feel and look good,” said Apostolo. “When people come here, it brings out the conversation in them. You hear all kinds of stories. You come here to kind of slow down, unplug, and reminisce a little bit. I’ve had a lot of people tell me Shepard’s reminds them of when they were children.”

Dr. Christopher Burton, a dentist in Conroe, explains why Shepard’s Barber Shop is unique.

“I remember the first few times Leon cut my hair he would point out the pictures and tell me about Bob Shepard. You can feel the history,” offered Burton. "It’s also about the relationships you make when you come in here. It’s a special place.”

Speaking proudly, Apostolo shares that there is nothing like a good haircut and the feeling of an authentic barber shop.

“I do the old fashioned haircut. That’s what my customers expect,” said Apostolo. “You don’t see many old fashioned barber shops like this anymore. You come here, you relax and converse. You’re not rushed.”

Burton testifies that Leon knows what he is doing.

“Frankly, he just gives the best haircuts,” added Burton.

Shepard’s Barber Shop’s success shows that there is room for historic businesses to succeed in a place that values history, like Conroe. While businesses and entrepreneurs continue flocking to Conroe to grow and innovate, Shepard’s is there to remind you of Conroe’s roots. Whether it’s the invention of a leading edge product or the perfect haircut in the oldest continually operating barber shop in Texas, in Conroe, Cutting Edge is Made Here.