Every Day is Made Here Featuring MoCo Food Hall

Every Day is Made Here Featuring MoCo Food Hall Main Photo

22 Sep 2022

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In Conroe, every day brings a new opportunity! As historic, charming Downtown Conroe continues to flourish during its revitalization, several culinary and entertainment options are attracting visitors for new and varied experiences. One such option, MoCo Food Hall, opened August 6 on Metcalf Street with a plethora of unique food vendors and an atmosphere that plays to all crowds demonstrating that Every Day is Made Here!

Seth and Ashley McIntyre have run Breakroom Bagels, a Conroe food truck and area farmer’s market staple, for several years. This Conroe connection led to a partnership with Janese and Robert Sokulski, who own the historic building where MoCo Food Hall resides. 

Guided by their culinary entrepreneurship experience, the McIntyres were asked by the Sokulskis to lead the food hall project. The couple jumped at the opportunity and now run the day-to-day operations of MoCo Food Hall.

Tasked with selecting vendors who make up MoCo Food Hall, the McIntyres ventured out trying the exciting and distinct food concepts that make this region a foodie destination. The arduous process included visiting prospective vendors at least three times to ensure consistency of the product and to make sure they fit with the personality envisioned for the food hall. 

The process has resulted in a diverse group of tenants offering nearly unlimited food options. MoCo Food Hall’s concept currently includes eight unique food vendors—House of Roux, Rollin’ Phatties, Super Smash Burgers & Fries, Pasta Ciccio, Juice Freaks, Dulce Vida, Jersey Dogs, and Miracle City Bakery. Whether you are craving Cajun, Pakistani, Italian, or something else, MoCo Food Hall has the capability to treat you to a new taste every day.

“We wanted different flavors to create something for everyone. You can bring a group of people and everybody can get something that they want. You don’t have to pigeon hole yourself to a certain type of food because we’ve got it all,” said McIntyre.

Another goal for MoCo Food Hall is to create a culinary incubator for food entrepreneurs. Seth spoke about the importance of creating an opportunity for vendors to grow their small business. 

“There’s no space like this in Montgomery County. We wanted to create an incubator space for hungry entrepreneurs that have a quality product and know what they are doing,” added McIntyre. “The ones we’ve found have been perfect for what we want.”

In addition to the vendors who sublease, MoCo Food Hall operates a coffee shop and bar inside the food hall. A MoCo-run speakeasy, The Vault, also exists in the food hall, appealing to the growing evening crowds in Downtown Conroe. More than 20 employees are directly hired by MoCo Food Hall, with dozens more hired by the food hall vendors.

The plentiful ways to enjoy the venue—morning coffee, quick business lunch, a night out with friends, or just about anything else—allows MoCo Food Hall to be an every day option for Conroe residents, employees, and visitors. An upstairs balcony, downstairs covered patio, and an alleyway with yard games and picnic tables, offer patrons a chance to enjoy the outdoors. Cooling misters, fans, and heaters provide an opportunity for utilization every day.

The warm atmosphere and immense variety has led to an encouraging first month and outstanding support from the community. MoCo Food Hall welcomes thousands of hungry visitors every week.

Creating a vibe that welcomes everything from family outings to date nights has attracted a crowd that is representative of what you find in downtown Conroe every day.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the support of Conroe and Montgomery County. It’s been a blast,” said McIntyre. “Downtown Conroe is the place to have fun.”

MoCo Food Hall is the ideal addition to Downtown Conroe. Conroe’s community and profile is growing, and MoCo Food Hall delivers the opportunity to showcase the very best. The concept brings together all people and taste buds to one fun location where community is on full display. It truly is a place to experience something uniquely Conroe, every day.