Reliability is Made Here Featuring Turbo Drill Industries

Reliability is Made Here Featuring Turbo Drill Industries Main Photo

8 Aug 2022

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Driven by dependability, innovation, and results, Turbo Drill Industries is an OEM manufacturer and supplier of downhole drilling products that support the oil and gas industry. Founded in Conroe in 2007, Turbo Drill’s team of experts takes pride in delivering solutions for their customers. With a vertically integrated approach, Turbo Drill ensures reliability in their products from cradle to grave. Turbo Drill’s ownership of the process and forward-thinking approach show that in Conroe, Texas, Reliability is Made Here.

After years spent working in oilfields around the world, Myles Woloshyn started Turbo Drill Industries to create a step-change in reliable technologies that would meet a glaring need for operators in the oil and gas industry. Two other industry experts, Sheldon Ritchie, Chief Operating Officer, and Chad Feddema, Chief Technology Officer, joined Chief Executive Officer Myles Woloshyn shortly after the company’s launch, and together they have run Turbo Drill for 15 years. What started as a single solution has developed into a plethora of products delivering results for oilfield operators across the globe.

“We are a group of people that grew up in this industry and are always trying to make something new or better. That was the catalyst for starting the company,” said Woloshyn. “Turbo Drill can do it better, more efficiently, and without all the bureaucracy. We make a huge impact, not only in Texas oilfields but globally.”

Highlighting the company’s solution-oriented methodology, four business units operate under the umbrella of Turbo Drill Industries to meet a variety of oilfield needs. Scout Downhole provides downhole rental products and solutions, Scout Drilling Technologies provides full-package directional drilling services, Sanvean Technologies develops downhole measurement and control system technologies, and Canamera focuses on coring services. 

In-house engineering and manufacturing of products further separates Turbo Drill from their competitors and allows for the company’s vertical integration.

“We develop new technology in-house to give us better reliability,” offered Woloshyn. “We are the only company in the global oilfield today that is truly vertically integrated for downhole tools. We conceive, design, engineer, prototype, test, and manufacture everything at our facility.”

Turbo Drill designs and manufactures an array of tools for downhole drilling and has many patented technologies. From stick slip mitigation and friction reduction technologies to drilling motors and vertical drilling tools, Turbo Drill Industries offers oilfield operators what they need to be successful. 

The Sanvean Technologies arm of Turbo Drill Industries brings digital product integration to the company. High-frequency drilling dynamics data recorders, real-time instrumented drilling motors and digital mud operated rotary steerable systems are just some of the downhole digital solutions that are manufactured and serviced in Conroe. Since the product lines are so complex, it is important for the company to maintain reliability in everything they produce.

“We look at new and improved ways of doing things in our manufacturing techniques and equipment, tying that into our technology. We have an engineering team that’s responsible for making changes when necessary to improve on reliability,” stated Ritchie. 

“We want to innovate and be the leaders in our sector. We know one of the key parts of being a leader is reliability,” added Woloshyn.

Familiar with Conroe from a previous job, Woloshyn recognized the benefits of locating a manufacturing company in the area. Proximity to major oil and gas companies, improved infrastructure, trustworthy local allies, and access to labor were all attractive traits about Conroe. The company’s first home was on Longmire Road in Conroe, which it outgrew in six months due to rapid success.

“What we needed to run the company, we have here in Conroe. This is a fabulous area with skilled people and a business-friendly government. You know you have a reliable partner in the City of Conroe and Montgomery County,” said Woloshyn. “The heart of the global oilfield is 40 miles away from us, so there’s nowhere better in the world.”

Turbo Drill is now in their third facility in Conroe, operating out of 73,000 square feet on Beach Airport Road. The company moved there in 2011, recognizing a need to consolidate Turbo Drill Industries manufacturing and Scout Downhole operations. Turbo Drill manages a separate Measurement-While-Drilling facility in Conroe and has service locations and satellite offices in Midland, TX, Calgary, AB, Canada and Edmonton, AB, Canada. Sanvean Technologies operates their technology center in Katy, TX.

The company’s leadership believes they are in a growth cycle, expecting that Turbo Drill will double in the next two years. Turbo Drill currently employs approximately 250 people, with nearly 200 of them located in Conroe. They are actively hiring experienced, reliable machinists, service technicians, field operators, and many other positions.

As Turbo Drill grows and continues to deliver solutions for the oil and gas industry, it does so with an eye on consistency. Expanding the scope has never meant compromising results. In fact, they have shown that doing more can improve reliability. More is made in Conroe, Texas, and with companies like Turbo Drill Industries taking a hands-on approach to large scale problems, reliability is absolutely made here!