The Importance of Economic Development in Conroe

The Importance of Economic Development in Conroe Main Photo

6 May 2024


Economic Development Week (EDW), established in 2016 by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), highlights the work of economic development organizations and professionals in communities across the globe. The IEDC is, “a non-profit, non-partisan membership organization serving economic developers” that provides EDCs around the world with resources, accreditations, certifications, and special events. EDW runs from May 6 - 10, 2024, and this year’s theme is Economic Development Heroes. The CEDC is proud to serve as the economic development engine in the Montgomery County area and is excited to recognize other #EconDevWeek heroes and pioneers!

What is Economic Development? 

Economic development is the driving force behind creating a desired future for a community. More than creating jobs, economic development is a revenue strategy that helps stabilize and grow a community financially. It’s a process that implements the needs of all residents and businesses alike in four major areas:

  • Workforce
  • Real Estate
  • Infrastructure
  • Community

The collaborative efforts of economic development organizations, government agencies, local stakeholders, and businesses aid in accomplishing the overall goal.  

A Local Look 

While economic development is a process that happens globally, not every city has an economic development organization. However, the Conroe Economic Development Council (EDC) is committed to enhancing the strength and stability of the greater Conroe economy.

Conroe EDC understands the variety and complexity that can be encompassed under the umbrella of economic development. Whether this looks like recruiting site selectors to hear a pitch, proposing a piece of land to a prospective client, or  discussing workforce development and training options/ideas,Conroe EDC is busy attracting businesses and revenue to better the community.

Conroe EDC helps bring innovation to the city with access to a board of experienced business owners and a network of people who can help solve most business-related problems, including finances. Conroe EDC can help business owners uncover revenue and hidden costs to make projections more accurate and attain possible grant funds.

Conroe EDC is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of life and to providing the necessary resources to join the Conroe workforce.The office works with local partners to host an annual job fair, helping match local employers with prospective employees from the Montgomery County area. Through local workforce development, education, and trade school programs, staff supports local businesses with workforce recruitment and development opportunities throughout the year.

Conroe EDC Cares 

Conroe EDC can help businesses achieve success quickly and make informed decisions that will reduce stress and bring stability to your business.

Conroe EDC has served this community for 29 years and cares about providing opportunity and growth to your business and the City of Conroe. Contact Conroe EDC today to receive a wealth of information and learn about available resources, whether you are a local business owner, budding entrepreneur, or a site selector. Ultimately, you will be contributing to the success of the community and building a better economy for the future of Conroe!