Healthcare Workforce

1 Mar 2024

Healthcare has always been an everchanging and important industry. Since the pandemic, healthcare has become a more in-demand industry, and the traction continues. While Conroe Independent School District employs over 10k and is the largest employer in Montgomery County, the healthcare industry is the second largest employer in the City of Conroe.

One city can never have too many doctors, nurses, and medical staff. To work in the healthcare industry, one must have empathy, compassion, and a determination to help humans be well. Conroe is home to such a caring and devoted community.

As the educational entities continue admitting new students to their healthcare programs, graduates of the same are taking their newfound knowledge into the workforce and becoming members. Healthcare professionals are hitting the ground running and starting their careers at one of Conroe’s many healthcare facilities.

Conroe’s Healthcare Employers

Opportunities are available, and options abound in Conroe. Here is a list of the Conroe area’s major healthcare employers:

Click any link to search for job openings. There is room for you in Conroe where we boast careers.

Conroe’s Educational Health Science/Healthcare Programs 

Many children have an idea of what they want to be when they grow up. If your child has expressed interest in the healthcare industry or health science field, explore Conroe Independent School District’s Health Science Career Cluster to get your child started early.

The Health Science Career Cluster starts as early as the 8th grade and teaches:

  • Principles of Health
  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pharmacology

… and more.

For seasoned students wanting a healthcare industry or health science career not too far or within Conroe’s city limits:

Though not specific to healthcare or health science, each location offers study programs beneficial in both fields of industry.