Conroe Industrial Development Corporation Welcomes New Members

Conroe Industrial Development Corporation Welcomes New Members Main Photo

26 Feb 2024

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Conroe City Council appointed three new members to the Conroe Industrial Development Corporation (CIDC) board of directors in December 2023. Harry Hardman, Scott Mrosko, and David Hairel joined the seven-member board. Hardman and Mrosko recently offered their thoughts on Conroe’s strengths, current development, and their vision for future growth.

Originally from El Paso, Hardman has lived in Conroe for 20 years. The telecommunications and technology professional was elected to Conroe City Council in June 2022. Like Mrosko and Hairel, this is Hardman’s first time serving on the CIDC board.

Hardman’s perspective as a Council Member and business professional will be an asset to the organization. He sees Conroe’s welcoming environment, location, and access to amenities as key selling points for economic development.

“There’s several things that make Conroe a great place to do business. Number one, it still has the look and feel of a small town, as far as the friendliness of the citizens and the overall look and feel of the city. We also have access to all the major amenities of the third largest city in the country only fifty miles down the street. It’s really the best of both worlds,” offered Hardman. “It’s the ideal spot for a company that’s looking to grow and wanting to give their employees a wonderful place to rear their families.”

Strategic and sustainable growth is a key focus for Hardman, who has seen the city evolve into an economic powerhouse. The future of Conroe, in his mind, will be determined by the types of businesses the CIDC and Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC) aim to attract. Fortunately, Conroe has situated itself to attract a diverse range of industries, acknowledged Hardman.

“It goes back to the two S’s– being strategic and sustainable. We’ve had hyper growth over the last ten years. It’s been a blessing and a curse. Growth is the lifeblood of any city. Without it, we’ll die. I think we’re in a position where we can be more deliberate about the types of companies we recruit and the ways that we want to grow,” Hardman said. “We are discerning, but we’re still very welcoming. We’re looking to really diversify the types of companies that we bring here. Diversification makes for a healthier economy.” 

Harry Hardman, CIDC Board of Directors

Hardman understands that it is not just new companies that create Conroe’s strong business environment. Existing companies, and their healthy growth, are a large indicator for economic success.

“Retention is as important as anything else. Bringing in companies to the city is keenly important, but how long a company stays and continues to grow is really a testament to how good Conroe is, as far as a place to do business. Once they’re here, they tend to stay here,” added Hardman.

Mrosko moved to Conroe in 1987 and raised his family here. He retired three years ago after a lengthy career in biotech and pharmaceuticals. With much of his immediate and extended family joining him in Conroe now, Mrosko is excited to enhance Conroe through his service on the CIDC board.

“I’m just proud to be a part of the board. What I want to do is help continue to promote responsible economic development for the city. I think that’s so important for this city to continue to grow and perform at a high level and I’m committed to that responsibility,” offered Mrosko.

Scott Mrosko,  CIDC Board of Directors

Mrosko’s view of responsible economic development includes amplifying areas where Conroe has been prosperous. He hopes to utilize his professional background to land key projects that can take Conroe to the next level.

“I’m excited about Deison Technology Park and, obviously, Conroe Park North has been a fantastic asset that has been developing for a number of years. I’m just really excited to be able to continue to help that develop,” said Mrosko. “I’m looking forward to utilizing my extensive medical background. I’ve got contractual competency and business acumen and I want to use that to help develop, promote, and attract new businesses to our industrial and technology parks.”

Mrosko offered a similar sentiment to Hardman about strategic growth.

“We want to add economic growth, but we want to make sure that we’re doing it prudently and that it’s responsible and mutually beneficial for the City of Conroe,” Mrosko added.

The unique and impressive resumes of the newly appointed board members offer an opportunity to expand Conroe’s economic profile in new ways, while maintaining the momentum of recent development. Along with their colleagues, Hardman and Mrosko are ready to take on the exciting challenges and opportunities presented to the CIDC.