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31 Jan 2024

Businesses need employees as well as they need customers. The workforce is one of the most crucial factors in business, economic growth, and development. What is the workforce? “Workforce is the total number of people in a … region who are physically able to do a job and are available for work,” - Collins Dictionary.

Conroe could not have exceptional business retention without the 1.8M workforce residing within 40 miles. As one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., and among other benefits, it’s because of Conroe’s workforce that more is made here.

Job vs. Career

According to, a job and career are not the same, though one is needed to create the other:

“A career is a lifelong professional journey. The purpose of a career is to support your lifestyle while also reaching your goals and ambitions. In order to reach such goals, you may need a certain level of training, education, or experience. Your career path tends to build upon itself. When first starting out in your profession, you typically have an entry-level position. As time goes on, you progress in your career, getting more advanced opportunities.

A job is something you do to earn money. It is less focused on your future achievements and more on the present moment of supporting yourself. Most jobs are short-term experiences, where you work for an hourly wage. Rather than focusing on your professional development, you're more focused on getting a specific task done.”

CEDC’s Commitment to Workforce Development

Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC) takes great pride in being a conduit between businesses and Conroe’s community of talented job seekers by knowing what’s needed and anticipating future demands. CEDC routinely communicates with business owners while listening to the community to stay abreast of workforce needs and changes.

Upskilling, the act of minimizing skills gaps and expanding abilities, is one of Conroe’s workforce assets. There are over 30 higher education facilities within 70 miles of Conroe. More closely, five colleges within a 30-minute drive of Conroe offer a wealth of upskilling classes. Yet, Lone Star College - Conroe Center and Lone Star Corporate College are right in Conroe, offering technical training, professional development certifications, and employee training/education.

CEDC is partnered with five upskilling outlets to help current and future workforce remain in demand:

With these partnerships, CEDC offers additional services ranging from updated job postings to helping the unemployed re-enter the workforce. Most recently, CEDC is coming off of its 12th Annual Job Fair that took place on Tuesday, January 23, 2024. Industries ranged from healthcare to city employment to manufacturing to banking and more. Open positions ranged from entry-level to management and from unlicensed to licensed. Having over 40 businesses connect with over 600 job seekers made the job fair a success.

Careers Are Made Here

Conroe, Texas, has a strong workforce with resources to ensure each Conroe business hires the talent they need to grow. CEDC focuses on the recruitment, retention, and expansion of businesses. Contact CEDC to learn how your business will benefit in Conroe!