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13 Nov 2023


Conroe, Texas, is home to manufacturing companies producing goods using the latest technologies and raw materials. While manufacturing jobs often have a stigma of being dirty, dark, and dangerous, modern manufacturing in 2023 is anything but! With manufacturing being one of Conroe’s staple industries, the Conroe Economic Development Council (EDC) celebrates manufacturing excellence.

Manufacturing Significance

While the national manufacturing industry has a trillion-dollar economic impact, local manufacturers must educate their community on their importance. Manufacturers who open their doors for tours or other events can inspire a future pipeline of skilled and talented workers. Manufacturers can use this opportunity to showcase their work and workers in modern manufacturing by inviting parents, students, and community members inside their businesses.

Modern manufacturing roles incorporate the latest technology, like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and robotics, into existing processes, quality control, and problem-solving techniques. Additionally, sustainability is quickly becoming a focused aspect of manufacturing as companies seek to find ways to produce customary items in manners that coexist positively with their natural environment.

Did You Know?

Manufacturing is big business in America and globally. Supporting this claim are some manufacturing industry facts shared by the National Association of Manufacturers:

  • Manufacturers contributed $2.91 trillion at the annual rate to the U. S. Economy in Q1 of 2023
  • World trade in manufactured goods grew to nearly $15.3 trillion in 2022
  • Foreign direct investment in the U.S. was nearly $2.3 trillion in 2022
  • For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, there is a total impact of $2.60 to the overall economy
  • The majority of manufacturing firms in the United States are quite small, having less than 500 employees
  • There were 550,000 manufacturing job openings in July 2023
  • By 2030, 4 million manufacturing jobs will likely be needed

The numbers continue to grow. You can find more facts by going to NAM’s Facts About Manufacturing.

Texas is a State for Manufacturing Growth

Manufacturing’s importance in Conroe and throughout Texas comes from its stability and growth, ultimately creating jobs and economic opportunities for local communities. As of 2022, manufacturers in Texas account for $227 billion of the total output in the state and employ almost 7% of the workforce, according to NAM’s latest findings. Other significant data include:

  • $255 billion in exported manufacturing goods by December 2021 and growing
  • Average annual compensation of $93,726.93

Showcase Your Manufacturing Operation

There are many advantages to your business in helping your community become more familiar with the possibilities present at your company. Hosting an event helps highlight the reality of modern manufacturing careers to your future workforce and those who can assist your development. Utilize the Manufacturing Institute’s toolkit to help plan tours, send invitations, and develop promotions. You can also contact Conroe’s EDC for assistance.

Conroe EDC’s mission is to enhance the strength and stability of the greater Conroe economy by supporting existing industry and attracting manufacturing businesses. Whether you are a Conroe business or looking to expand your business in Conroe, start a conversation with Conroe EDC on how we can help you thrive.