Galdisa Celebrates Five Years, Plans Expansion in Conroe

Galdisa Celebrates Five Years, Plans Expansion in Conroe Main Photo

12 Jul 2023

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On July 6, Galdisa USA celebrated its fifth anniversary in Conroe Park North with gratitude, thanks and a commitment to grow the company’s first U.S. manufacturing location in Conroe.

Galdisa Corporate CEO Victor Galindo announced that the corporation plans to continue investing in Conroe. In addition to recent operations and warehouse expansion, Galdisa will invest between $15-20 million in the next five years. This new investment includes expanding the building, adding state-of-the-art equipment and increasing employment at the Conroe site.

“We have a brilliant future that is even more promising than our past here in Conroe,” Galindo told employees, city leaders, suppliers and customers attending a celebration complete with tours, food and Mariachi entertainment.


Victor Galindo, CEO of Galdisa Corporate


Shelly Nutt, Executive Director of Texas Peanut Producers Board


Galindo traveled from Mexico to share his appreciation for the welcome Galdisa first received and continues to receive from Conroe leadership, economic development professionals, suppliers and customers in the U.S. and internationally that now receive peanut products manufactured in the growing Conroe location. 

“You welcomed us with open arms, helped us create a family here. Conroe is our home,” Galindo shared as he referenced lives touched through jobs created and relationships built during the past five years.

Danielle Scheiner, Executive Director of Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC), reminded Galindo of when Galdisa first approached Conroe for property in Conroe Park North. 

“You gave a presentation pitching Galdisa as a good fit for Conroe. We agreed and continue to be prepared to invest in infrastructure and other incentives that help businesses grow and thrive in Conroe,” Scheiner mentioned.

Also representing the City of Conroe were Council Member Todd Yancey, City Secretary Soco Gorjon, Assistant City Administrator and Finance Director Collin Boothe, Conroe Industrial Development Corporation Chair and Conroe First National Bank Texas President George Waggoner, and CEDC Associate Director Jennifer Matthews.


Danielle Scheiner, Executive Director of Conroe Economic Development Council


Left to right: Danielle Scheiner, Jennifer Matthews, George Waggoner, Collin Boothe, Soco Gorjon, and Council Member Todd Yancey


Waggoner amplified Scheiner’s message. “Developers know Conroe does a good job of welcoming companies and delivering what companies need: a capable workforce, quality infrastructure and a good regulatory environment. It's an added bonus when the economic development team and city government work together to bring industry to Conroe,” Waggoner said.

Shelly Nutt, Executive Director of Texas Peanut Producers Board, thanked Galdisa for believing in the Texas peanut industry, a billion-dollar value to the Texas economy. 

“Our more than 1,000 peanut farmers congratulate Galdisa on your five years in Conroe and Texas,” she proclaimed.

During a tour of the Galdisa peanut production facility, Galdisa Business Development Director Amy Laux pointed out that Galdisa’s Conroe site produces products for all top national brands, including a top granola company.

Laux also talked about Galdisa’s community engagement. Galdisa brings student interns onboard to provide an introduction to the peanut industry. Laux also referenced free distribution of peanut by-products to farmers. Peanut dust adds taste to pet food, and peanut “redskins” are used to add fiber to animal feed. Farmers and school 4-H programs are welcome to pick up these by-products from Galdisa, according to Laux.

The CEDC congratulates Galdisa on their success and will continue to support them on the exciting journey ahead making a positive impact on the local community and contributing to the growth of Conroe!