Repurposing Creates New Possibilities in Conroe's Circular Economy

Repurposing Creates New Possibilities in Conroe's Circular Economy Main Photo

21 Apr 2023

Area Companies, More Is Made Here

Sustainable manufacturing processes are quickly gaining popularity as the main drivers of a circular economy. Companies across the country realize that sustainability’s economic, social and ethical advantages can lead to continued success.

The 7 R’s of the circular economy include Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle and Rot. Embracing the circular economy and incorporating sustainable business practices into their operations can help Conroe companies show that Circularity is Made Here.


One glance at a Conroe household’s garbage or recycle bin will show numerous possibilities for repurposing. Perhaps that laundry detergent container can serve as a water gardening can, or a favorite wine bottle can become a unique flower pot or do-it-yourself lamp! How about modernizing that antique sideboard or heirloom wardrobe with bright paint or a patterned finish that complements your home? Transforming the “stuff” you cannot reuse is a great way to bring new purpose to items. 

Ready to get those creative juices flowing? Conroe offers a variety of very cool antique stores to find just the pieces you need.

  • Mimi's on Main in historic downtown Conroe is an antique mall and so much more featuring great store merchandise and more than 20 dealers with antiques, vintage, gifts, furniture and collectibles. They have an ever-changing inventory of one-of-a-kind finds and an awesome staff to help you find that special item.
  • Conroe Woodlands Antique Mall is one of the largest vintage stores in the area, selling general antiques of all kinds.The mall also has two outdoor barns full of architectural and miscellaneous items just waiting for you to repurpose!
  • Conroe Central Market is an antique mall in downtown Conroe full of art, antiques, furniture, vintage clothing, gifts, jewelry, collectibles, and much more!
  • Crossroads Antiques in Conroe celebrated 25 years in business in November 2022. Stop by and see them for quality antiques and fine estate jewelry.

Looking for that special gift sure to put a smile on someone's face? Check out Branding Iron in downtown Conroe! They have incredible upcycled items, including vintage golf club bottle openers.

In nearby Montgomery, A Second Round upcycles rejected glassware bottles into cool, personalized handcrafted drinkware. With a vision to “create something real out of emptiness,” A Second Round brings sustainability to the community.