Conscientious Companies Reduce to Impact Conroe's Circular Economy

Conscientious Companies Reduce to Impact Conroe's Circular Economy Main Photo

17 Apr 2023

Area Companies, More Is Made Here

Sustainable manufacturing processes are quickly gaining popularity as the main drivers of a circular economy. Companies across the country realize that sustainability’s economic, social and ethical advantages can lead to continued success.

The 7 R’s of the circular economy include Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle and Rot. Embracing the circular economy and incorporating sustainable business practices into their operations can help Conroe companies show that Circularity is Made Here.


While recycling is a noble effort, reducing consumption interrupts the recycling circle before it begins! No conscientious decision about the products we use, purchase or consume is too small.

Keep Us Fed Montgomery County seeks to alleviate hunger and reduce food waste in the area. Since 2015, the organization has rescued and redistributed over five million pounds of food! To learn how they do it and how you can be part of the “reduction” efforts that benefit the Conroe region, visit their volunteer website.

Plastic manufacturers worldwide are embracing the concept of utilizing bioplastics to reduce plastics from traditional petrochemicals. Phoenix Plastics, a plastics additive expert in Conroe, uses bioplastics to lower the plastic industry’s environmental footprint. Bioplastics require much less energy to manufacture and generate fewer greenhouse gases. Additionally, bioplastics break down quickly, with their broken-down compost able to improve soils!