22nd Annual Conroe Allies Day Emphasizes Emerging Possibilities

22nd Annual Conroe Allies Day Emphasizes Emerging Possibilities Main Photo

7 Nov 2022

Business News

Hosted by the Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC), the 22nd Annual Conroe Allies Day welcomed stakeholders to discover Conroe’s prosperous present and promising future. On November 2, dozens of commercial and industrial real estate professionals joined the CEDC to hear updates, explore developments, and enjoy networking. With a theme of “Emerging Possibilities,” the CEDC highlighted abundant opportunities for commercial and industrial investment in Conroe. 

The day began by showcasing fast-growing downtown Conroe. Allies Day attendees gathered at charming 202 Main for breakfast, fellowship, and an update from CEDC Executive Director Danielle Scheiner. Appropriately, she began her presentation by highlighting many of the recent successes in downtown that have helped make Conroe a culinary, entertainment, and cultural destination.

Scheiner followed by providing an in-depth overview on Conroe’s growth. She delivered facts, figures, and anecdotes that highlight why Conroe is a premier business destination with plentiful future opportunity.

“We have really grown dramatically,” said Scheiner, pointing out the boom in permitting activity. Conroe has approved more than 300 commercial permits and nearly 2,000 residential permits in 2022. Scheiner highlighted that SmartAsset ranked Conroe as the third-ranked “Boomtown” in America in 2021, using several factors that showcase Conroe’s economic success.

“Conroe offers what modern businesses need: a strong labor force, attractive quality of life, and desirable location,” added Scheiner. 

A windshield tour through downtown, Grand Central Park, Conroe Park North, and Deison Technology park helped showcase why businesses are attracted to Conroe. Attendees had the opportunity to view some of Conroe’s most exciting projects, including the Hyatt Regency Conroe Hotel & Convention Center in Grand Central Park, VGXI, Inc.’s new headquarters in Deison Technology Park, and Lovett Industrial’s 1.2 million-square-foot industrial facility under construction in Conroe Park North. Each project represents a new and exciting emerging possibility for economic success in Conroe.

CEDC Administrative Assistant Valencia Alasmar greets guests as they arrive to the luncheon.

Luncheon guests mingle at Walden Yacht Club on Lake Conroe.

Scheiner, Conroe Mayor Jody Czajkoski, and CEDC Board Chair Steve Pilgrim welcomed guests to Walden Yacht Club for lunch. Czajkoski spoke about the importance of bringing opportunity to Conroe and how the city is prepared to help. Pilgrim’s comments covered how the CEDC and its advisory board work to make Conroe a premier destination.

“We want to bring jobs and commerce to Conroe. We’re here to be deal makers, not deal breakers,” said Czajkoski.

“The CEDC listens to prospects to anticipate needs and better understand what it takes to make Conroe great for business. We collaborate with partners to put in place conscious plans that address those needs,” offered Pilgrim.

Per tradition, the day ended with a friendly competition on the links. Allies Day guests made the short drive to Walden on Lake Conroe Golf Club for 18 holes and an opportunity to further discuss Conroe’s commercial and industrial prospects.

A few Conroe Allies making introductions and networking as golf teams are finalized.

CEDC staff (pictued left to right: Executive Director Danielle Scheiner, Deputy Director Laura Lea Palmer, Associate Director Jennifer Matthews, and Marketing Manager Sharla Smith) grabbed a picture on the beautiful Walden on Lake Conroe green with some Conroe Alllies during golf.

The 22nd Annual Conroe Allies Day provided another ideal opportunity to showcase Conroe’s advantages. The CEDC utilizes Allies Day as an opportunity to collaborate and appreciate dynamic partners who help the CEDC build for the future. Emerging possibilities is an accurate representation of what the CEDC and its allies will create working together.