SizeUp Your Business in Conroe

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16 May 2022

Business News

In today’s economy, small businesses need every competitive advantage they can find. Conroe Economic Development Council is pleased to provide the ultimate tool to deliver that advantage at no cost to its users with SizeUpConroeTX.

SizeUp is a powerful business intelligence tool that can be used to benchmark and rank performance against industry competitors. SizeUp brings the power of big data to Conroe’s small business community, leveling the competitive business playing field by providing local businesses with easily understandable market research based on big data, algorithm-based analysis, and super-computing. 

Competitive Advantage

Most large corporations can afford to hire management consultants and research analysts to gain insights through massive data collection to plan a path for their success. That path was often cost-prohibitive for small businesses, leaving them informationally disadvantaged because they were unable to access, afford, or understand the same critical business intelligence.

Today, the exact tool Conroe's small businesses need to be competitive is readily available - SizeUpConroeTX!

SizeUp helps small businesses learn more about their current standing, answering significant questions like:

  • Do I make more or less money than my competitors? 
  • Am I paying my employees more or less than my competitors? 
  • Is my business in a growing or declining industry? 

Businesses utilizing SizeUp become empowered to venture into new opportunities by:

  • Comparing business performance to industry competitors across multiple performance indicators to create a benchmark through a comprehensive analysis encompassing millions of data points. 
  • Discovering potential customers, suppliers and competitors through regional mapping techniques.
  • Determining optimal targeted advertising based on industry and demographic characteristics of the ideal customer.

Other key features include:

  • An interactive, up-to-date demographics map to analyze key factors like labor force and consumer expenditure data based on hundreds of variables.
  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and use without training. 
  • The ability to cache previous search data for users to refer to later.

Instant Access

Get started today on our website! Users can access SizeUpConroeTX from our homepage or within our Site Selection menu. Begin by entering an industry and then drill down deeper with more specific information to deliver detailed information in several tabs:

My Business

Users compare their specific information like annual revenue, average worker salary, number of employees, and local turnover with area competitors in a visually striking report.


Regional competitors, potential customers, and suppliers are identified to map local patterns for hundreds of wide-ranging consumer expenditure categories.


Business owners can choose where to target advertising based on total revenue, revenue per capita, most underserved markets, average revenue, total employees, or household income. 


Users can create reports of demographic overviews, consumer expenditures, and labor force in a tight radius around a specific address or as wide as a county or metro area. 
Conroe Economic Development Council knows SizeUpConroeTX will help deliver the critical information every small business needs. Get started for free today!