Don Buckalew, Crown Cork & Seal Presented Inaugural Awards by CEDC

Don Buckalew, Crown Cork & Seal Presented Inaugural Awards by CEDC Main Photo

9 May 2022

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CONROE, TEXAS (May 9, 2022) – The Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC) honored two longtime partners at its Economic Development Week Luncheon on Monday, May 9. The 2022 Economic Development Champion and 2022 Economic Development Community Partner awards were presented to Don Buckalew and Crown Cork & Seal, respectively. Buckalew was honored with the Champion award for exceptional individual contributions to economic development. Crown Cork & Seal was recognized for outstanding community service to economic development and the Conroe community.

Buckalew and Crown Cork & Seal are the inaugural winners of the awards, which will be presented every year during Economic Development Week. Conroe Mayor Jody Czajkoski, CEDC Advisory Board Chair Steve Pilgrim, CEDC Executive Director Danielle Scheiner, and CEDC Associate Director Jennifer Matthews presented the awards.

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Buckalew, founder of Buckalew Chevrolet in Conroe, is a member of the CEDC Advisory Board and former Board Chair. Buckalew has been instrumental in helping the CEDC expand Conroe’s economic development efforts through attraction, retention, and collaboration. A Montgomery County native, Buckalew has dedicated nearly 60 years to serving the Conroe community. Buckalew also served as President of the Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Board for the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce. 

“When I think about Mr. Buckalew, words like common sense, trust, and credibility come to mind. You can always count on him to add value to the conversation, not only from the years he’s lived here, but also from the way he approaches getting things accomplished,” offered Pilgrim. “He’s a true friend and ally. I can’t imagine anyone else who deserves this recognition more than Mr. Buckalew.”

“Mr. Buckalew is very worthy of the Economic Development Champion award. His legacy and importance to economic development in Conroe is unmatched,” said Scheiner. “One of the most respected voices on the board, Mr. Buckalew has always been a wonderful resource for our organization. It is a privilege to honor him today on behalf of the CEDC.”

Crown Cork & Seal, one of the largest aluminum can manufacturers in the world, is a key corporate partner in Conroe and willing participant in all things economic development. The company and its nearly 150 Conroe employees are actively involved in outreach efforts and community events. Crown Cork & Seal collaborates with the CEDC on important business issues and provides feedback and support of CEDC initiatives. Plant Manager Steve Hall accepted the award on behalf of the company. 

“Crown Cork & Seal is one of Conroe’s leaders in community involvement. They provide invaluable service to institutions like the CEDC and are key in shaping retention efforts through guidance they provide that helps businesses be successful in Conroe. Crown Cork & Seal is certainly a leader in this community and great economic development partners,” said Pilgrim.

“Their willingness to collaborate and assist whenever called upon is what makes Crown Cork & Seal a model community leader. They are incredibly engaged in Conroe, evidenced by their participation in events, initiatives, and outreach efforts. Crown Cork & Seal is a valued partner of the CEDC and a deserving recipient of this award,” offered Scheiner.

Photography by Melonhead Photo

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