Ver-Mac Manufactures Innovative Traffic Safety Solutions in Conroe Park North

Ver-Mac Manufactures Innovative Traffic Safety Solutions in Conroe Park North Main Photo

25 Apr 2022

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Ver-Mac, a leader in the traffic safety industry, is the latest company to discover an ideal home in Conroe. The Quebec City, Canada-based company moved its United States operations from Houston to Conroe in December, purchasing a 71,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Conroe Park North. Ver-Mac will utilize its Conroe facility to continue creating innovative work zone safety solutions that make roads safer for drivers and construction workers.

A third-generation family business, Ver-Mac has evolved from a drill equipment conversion shop in 1957 to a global manufacturer and supplier of electronic traffic safety equipment under the current direction of co-owners Sandra-Lee McBain and Whitney Richardson. Commonly seen electronic road equipment such as arrow boards, speed signs, and traffic cameras are produced by Ver-Mac. 

“Ver-Mac’s strength has always been the products. We’re always working from the question, ‘What can we do to improve safety in a work zone?’ when introducing or improving a product in the industry,” said Marketing Director Richard Lavoie.

The vertically integrated company researches, designs, manufactures, builds, and services its equipment. With an emphasis on innovative and transformative products, Ver-Mac has experienced significant growth, producing three times the amount of equipment it did a decade ago. Ver-Mac is now represented in more than ten countries and employs approximately 350 people.

The increased demand for Ver-Mac products led the company to consider a second manufacturing facility. With numerous customers in western regions of Canada and the United States, Ver-Mac’s leadership explored opportunities in several states. Ultimately, they chose Texas for shipping advantages, a friendly work environment, and the skilled workforce.

After two and a half years in their Houston facility, Ver-Mac needed more space to keep up with demand. The company explored several options in the region; however, upon visiting Conroe Park North and the facility available to them, it was an instant match.

“When we went to see the shop in Conroe, we knew it was a fit right away. We said, ‘This place is awesome.’ The choice was made before we even left the parking lot,” offered Adam Chelo, director of Ver-Mac’s Conroe operations.

Ver-Mac closed on the facility in October 2021 and began operating in Conroe in mid-December. Chelo praised the capable workforce in the Conroe area and the ability to operate in an ecosystem that promotes collaboration.

“The location is prime for us. We found that the workforce we’re getting in Conroe are qualified individuals,” said Chelo. “There’s also the benefit of access to suppliers. Instead of having to wait hours for somebody to drop off parts, a lot of the time we know a company who is right around the corner.”

The company’s family culture has been a natural fit in Conroe’s community centered atmosphere. Ver-Mac currently employs 75 people at their Conroe facility and has seen widespread evidence of everyone pulling in the same direction.

“It’s a good marriage of culture between what we had already cultivated in Quebec and what we’re able to find down here. The employees we hire quickly get on board, and everyone feels like they’re part of the family,” added Chelo.

As Ver-Mac continues to innovate, more growth is expected. They have already begun working on an expansion yard at their Conroe facility to accommodate demand. 

“There is so much more open room to move in Conroe. We’ll be able to expand and continue to improve our facility in a way we weren’t able to previously,” said Chelo.

Ver-Mac’s innovative solutions for driver and construction worker safety continue to be paramount in a world with growing infrastructure. The Conroe Park North facility will be at the forefront of the company’s promise to continue as a technological leader and innovator who makes work zones a safer place.