Pileco Inc. Begins Operations, Finds Success in Conroe Park North

Pileco Inc. Begins Operations, Finds Success in Conroe Park North Main Photo

25 Apr 2022

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Pileco Inc., a supplier of pile driving equipment, has commenced operations at its new Conroe Park North facility. With 25,975 square feet of office and shop on roughly 10 acres, Pileco has ample space to keep up with customer demand. 

Pileco moved into their new facility in February and has gradually ramped up processes since then. The company has most of its equipment in place and is organizing the facility to maximize operations. Pileco CEO George Smith is already noticing how moving from 2.5 acres to 10 is maximizing productivity.

“Being in Conroe Park North gives us more room and allows our people to focus on what they do best, which is working on equipment,” said Smith.

Allowing his employees to do what they do best is critically important as the need for Pileco’s products continues to increase. Pileco has a growing clientele ranging from North to South America. Being able to service equipment to meet customer needs is paramount, and the new Conroe facility is playing a key role in doing that.

“I’ve already seen how this facility can improve turnaround time for customer and internal repairs,” added Smith.

Bringing the company’s core processes to Conroe Park North has allowed Pileco to convert its previous location on State Highway 105 into a fabrication shop. By fabricating their own products, Pileco is less impacted by global supply chain issues.

“Between the new facility and adding the fabrication process, it allows me to control our destiny a little more. I have more say in the supply chain and don’t have to rely on products from overseas with an eight-to-twelve week waiting period,” said Smith. 

The increased demand, improved productivity, and introduction of a new process has allowed Pileco to hire additional employees. Smith said they have added five since the move and have the capacity to hire three to four more. The company currently employs 21 people, and Smith is quick to highlight their value.

“Our people are what has made this possible,” offered Smith.