Spirit of Giving is Made Here Featuring Montgomery County Food Bank, Community Assistance Center, and Crown Cork & Seal

Spirit of Giving is Made Here Featuring Montgomery County Food Bank, Community Assistance Center, and Crown Cork & Seal Main Photo

9 Dec 2021

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Conroe’s heart glows brightest during the holiday season as neighbors, businesses, community leaders, and nonprofits come together to take care of those less fortunate. Whether it be food, water, clothes, or a helping hand, Conroe’s community partners lead the way in delivering essential items. Hospitality and generosity are the fabric of Conroe, and during this special season, it’s evident more than ever that in Conroe, Texas, Spirit of Giving is Made Here.

Montgomery County Food Bank and Community Assistance Center are two allies in Conroe’s goal of building a healthy, thriving community. These organizations play a key role in delivering life’s basic items and services to citizens of Conroe and Montgomery County. The holidays offer unique opportunities for both organizations to build on a year of incredible work and show Conroe’s spirit of giving in action.

Montgomery County Food Bank

Established in 1985, Montgomery County Food Bank unites the community to fight hunger by addressing the issue of food insecurity. President & CEO Kristine Marlow describes food insecurity as when someone may not have consistent and sufficient access to nutritious food. 

Every single person deserves to have healthy food. Montgomery County Food Bank provides those of us who are blessed to know where that next meal is coming from with an opportunity to help neighbors that face food insecurity,” offered Marlow.

The organization distributes more than 1.2 million pounds of food per month to a network of more than 70 agencies to help battle food insecurity in the region. Last year, Montgomery County Food Bank served an average of 65,000 individuals per month and distributed a total of 11 million meals. For every $1 raised, five meals are provided to those in need.


Community Assistance Center

Community Assistance Center is celebrating 40 years serving the community by providing resources to meet basic needs and improve the lives of residents in Montgomery County. The organization focuses on three key aspects when assisting clients: basic needs and crisis intervention, self-sufficiency, and financial independence and stability. Services offered by Community Assistance Center also include a food pantry and incorporate mortgage and rental payment assistance, prescription assistance, homeless care kits, and clothing. Additional services extend to transportation vouchers, identification restoration, and much more. The organization’s Hand-up Initiative, which involves client-led goals and resources provided by a case manager, is boldly designed as a cure for generational poverty.

“Our mission is building our community and making sure that the quality of life is good for everybody,” said Executive Director Jennifer Landers. “It’s incredibly important for residents that are struggling to see people really caring about them and giving back.”

As Conroe and Montgomery County have rapidly grown, so have the needs of members of the community. Recognized as a desirable place to live and work, Conroe is also setting an example for how to take care of their own. Landers notes that meeting these basic needs is critical to building a successful community. Nearly 1,400 volunteers provided more than 10,000 hours of service last year to meet community needs.

“When all the good things are happening in Conroe, like businesses and people moving here, people look to see what we’re doing. It takes all of us working together to make a great community,” added Landers. “Community Assistance Center looks for gaps in services. If we don’t know an expert to fill that need, we fill it ourselves to make our community a more special place.”

Conroe's Spirit of Holiday Giving

To meet the needs during the holiday season, Community Assistance Center hosts Cozy Christmas, a program designed to build community throughout local homes. The organization collects and distributes some of the season’s traditional items – blankets, robes, slippers, board games, and hot cocoa. Additionally, Community Assistance Center partners with the Montgomery County Food Bank and the Houston Food Bank to distribute holiday meals as part of ABC13’s Share Your Holidays food drive.

Montgomery County Food Bank’s spirit of giving is highlighted by Stock the Sleigh, which encourages people to collect food throughout December. Volunteers and staff collect, sort, and distribute food in time for families to have nutritious and fulfilling meals around the holidays. 

“This community really rallies around the idea of wanting to provide the basic need of food. During holiday times, there’s an increased awareness and spirit of giving,” said Marlow. “We are very grateful for our community. Montgomery County really has a spirit of giving.”

This spirit of giving is certainly not lost on local business. Conroe-based Crown Cork & Seal presented Montgomery County Food Bank with a $50,000 check at the Conroe Tree Lighting Ceremony to replace all of the lights in the organization’s warehouse with energy efficient LED lighting. Marlow estimates this will save thousands on energy costs—the equivalent of 60,000 meals a year.

“Crown Cork & Seal has been a wonderful community partner. With our mission of uniting the community to fight hunger, we really need our businesses and communities to get behind what we do. Crown Cork & Seal does that,” added Marlow.


Personal and Corporate Giving Opportunities

With corporate backing, Montgomery County Food Bank is also running a matching financial giving campaign. Quality Home Products of Texas, Southwestern Energy, and Chevron Phillips are matching monetary donations during the holidays, which means that for every $1 donated, ten meals will be provided!

For more information on ways you can give to help support our community, visit Montgomery County Food Bank and Community Assistance Center to view upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. These community partners, and dozens of others like them, exemplify why in Conroe, Texas, Spirit of Giving is Made Here!