Up & Coming is Made Here Featuring SizeUp Conroe TX

Up & Coming is Made Here Featuring SizeUp Conroe TX Main Photo

29 Nov 2021

The Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC) seeks to inspire and support entrepreneurs, understanding the important role that entrepreneurship plays in a thriving economy. Utilizing information, stakeholders, and industry expertise, the CEDC provides entrepreneurs the resources necessary to flourish in Conroe. These resources help ensure that in Conroe, Texas, Up & Coming is Made Here.

Helping Small Businesses Make Better Decisions Through Big Data

SizeUp, a business intelligence tool, is an ideal way for entrepreneurs to learn the landscape by discovering customers, suppliers, and competitors in Conroe. As a free resource tool located on the CEDC’s carefully designed website, SizeUp Conroe TX can be conveniently accessed and provides Conroe-exclusive custom market research and data to empower companies to make strategic and data-driven decisions on their next move. Incorporating this data intelligence helps businesses analyze market and business costs. Small businesses garner the same advantages as large corporations through access to SizeUp’s business intelligence for all and learning how SizeUp works.

SizeUp Conroe TX asks for the user to input their industry to pull up a bevy of details across a helpful dashboard. The dashboard allows users to input information, such as revenue, number of employees, and the year the business was started. SizeUp Conroe TX demonstrates how a business stacks up against industry competitors in Conroe and the region.

“SizeUp Conroe TX is an outstanding asset for entrepreneurs to learn about Conroe and how their business can succeed. We are thrilled to have it as a component of our website and accessible for everyone to use,” said Danielle Scheiner, CEDC Executive Director. 

Additional uses of SizeUp Conroe TX include mapping customers, suppliers, and competitors, optimizing target advertising and marketing, and collecting demographic information for the Conroe area. The information can be compiled into a custom report that provides key background that entrepreneurs seek before launching their business.

As the CEDC celebrates National Entrepreneurship Month, it continues to look for ways to enhance opportunities and access for entrepreneurs. Access to data and information is crucial, and the CEDC seeks innovative ways to deliver it to aspiring entrepreneurs.  Tools like SizeUp Conroe TX are among the ways to ensure that in Conroe, Texas, Up & Coming is Made Here.