21st Annual Allies Day Highlights Conroe’s Development and Prospects

21st Annual Allies Day Highlights Conroe’s Development and Prospects Main Photo

9 Nov 2021

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The 21st Annual Conroe Allies Day, hosted by the Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC), showcased Conroe’s exceptional current and future development and attracted members of the commercial and industrial real estate industry to learn about Conroe’s thriving economy. The professional developers were joined by community leaders and elected officials at the November 3rd event that included discussions on transformative projects, advanced infrastructure, capable workforce, and collaborative partnerships.

With the 2020 Allies Day cancelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, the CEDC had a robust update to share with its allies. CEDC Executive Director Danielle Scheiner kicked off the day with an informative overview of Conroe’s economic strengths and opportunities. The theme of the presentation, and the entire day, could be described as growth, progress, and opportunity. 

“Conroe has a very compelling story to tell and sell. The unique assets and economic environment in Conroe help businesses grow and thrive. There is plenty of opportunity for that growth to continue,” said Scheiner.

A valuable addition to this year’s event, CEDC consultant Dick Ehmann detailed the benefits of Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) and the way projects in Conroe have benefited from being located in FTZ 265. A 2020 expansion of FTZ 265, known as the Conroe Park North General-Purpose Zone, has opened the door for more Conroe businesses to utilize FTZs to reduce costs of United States-based trade related business activity.

The story of growth and expansion continued as attendees gathered for a “windshield” tour of Conroe’s top assets and newest projects. The bus tour stopped at Conroe Park North, Deison Technology Park, and Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport, providing participants a glimpse of ongoing development and potential opportunities for future projects. 

Buske Logistics, Texas Tissue Converting, Eleet Cryogenics, and VGXI, all projects recently completed or under development, caught the eye of attendees. Scheiner also pointed out several Downtown Conroe projects that will help promote commerce, tourism, and residential development. 

“It is an exciting time to be in Conroe, with a number of key projects across the city. Conroe Park North, Deison Technology Park, Downtown Conroe, and Grand Central Park are all growing with new developments,” offered Scheiner. “Conroe has not seen a slow down with development and permits. The numbers continue to trend up.”

Nearly 70 people gathered for lunch at Walden Yacht Club where Conroe Mayor Jody Czajkoski and CEDC Chairman Steve Pilgrim offered comments of appreciation for the interest commercial and industrial developers showed in Conroe. Both leaders highlighted Conroe’s assets and exciting prospects, while making it known that Conroe is open for business. Unfortunately, a rainstorm prevented attendees from enjoying golf at Walden Golf Club; nevertheless, the event continued with networking and dealmaking after lunch.

At the conclusion of another successful Allies Day, the CEDC remains grateful for key partners and optimistic that relationships cultivated at the event will lead to exciting business opportunities. Positioned as one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States and supplied with accessible land, available labor, and committed leadership, Conroe’s story of growth, progress, and opportunity continues to attract commercial and industrial growth, resulting in more jobs and economic development. It's another reason why in Conroe, Texas, More is Made Here.