Sustainability is Made in Conroe

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28 May 2021

More Is Made Here

Business leaders and entrepreneurs are consistently seeking the ideal location that will deliver success. Whether involved in a startup, relocation, or expansion, these key decision makers want locations that offer growth in sustainable models for years to come. Conroe, Texas, offers that opportunity with assistance from key entities like the Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC).

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability refers to a business model that is economically viable, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly. As an endeavor within a free market society, a business will only achieve long-term success and the ability to deliver on those last two principles if it is able to maintain economic viability. And Conroe offers exciting and vibrant opportunities for that economic success!

Local businesses indicate the nature of Conroe’s community and the dedication of organizations like the CEDC make business success a priority.

“Conroe had the available land and the necessary resources to build what we needed,” said Joe Suarez, Texas Tissue Chief Financial Officer. “And from a labor standpoint, Conroe is an attractive market to recruit talent. People want to live and work there.”

American Furniture Warehouse, one of the top U.S. retail furniture companies, chose Conroe as the site for a new store to open in 2021, as highlighted in this American City Business Journal article

“Conroe checks all the boxes for what we look for when we expand: accessibility to land, infrastructure, and people,” said Nolan Morrison of American Furniture Warehouse. “The CEDC listened to our needs and moved quickly to connect us with important resources, and the City of Conroe has been incredibly hospitable.”

More than Profit

Sustainability has come to be known for much more than just profits. Consumers are demanding businesses focus on community impact in addition to economic vitality. While past standard business practices may have found this idea to be limiting, current research indicates businesses can maximize profitability while doing well by the local community. This article from the Harvard Business School highlights the importance of sustainability. Building on that concept, more businesses are putting stock in the Triple Bottom Line.

Workforce Impact

Sustainability is also becoming more important to the workforce available to companies. In a survey performed by The IBM Institute for Business Value in March 2021, 71% of employees and employment seekers surveyed say that environmentally sustainable companies are more attractive employers. The survey covered more than 14,000 adults from the United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, and China. In addition, more than two-thirds of respondents indicated they were more likely to apply for and accept jobs with environmentally and socially responsible organizations. Nearly half surveyed indicated they would accept a lower salary to work for such organizations. Now, more than ever, businesses risk losing top talent to more sustainability-conscious competitors.


The CEDC understands the importance of the sustainability of economic growth. We have a strong Business Retention and Expansion program designed to promote the growth and development of local companies. Contact us to see how we can help your business, and you'll discover why in Conroe, Texas, Sustainability is Made Here!