Pileco Inc. Making Progress Toward Conroe Expansion

Pileco Inc. Making Progress Toward Conroe Expansion Main Photo

12 Apr 2021

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Conroe-based Pileco Inc. is moving forward with plans to open a brand new facility in Conroe Park North. Situated on 10 acres, the facility will be 25,975 square feet of office and shop space. This project will help Pileco, a supplier of pile driving equipment, keep up with the demand of its growing business.

Pileco was founded in 1966 and steadily grew into a leader in the pile driving industry. The company, acquired by Bauer Equipment in 2005, was purchased by Global Piling and Equipment (GPE) in 2018. The founder of GPE, George Smith, took on the name Pileco Inc. and began utilizing its assets. Smith, CEO of Pileco, saw immediate growth after the acquisition and is excited about continuing that growth in Conroe.

“We have been looking for a property to grow our business, and we found the right spot in Conroe Park North,” said Smith. “The facility will be all new and very nice. We are eager to show it off.”

Staying in Conroe was important to Pileco. Smith points to long-standing relationships with the City of Conroe and Conroe Economic Development Council as key factors for choosing Conroe Park North.

“Conroe has been so helpful with everything,” added Smith. “The people here are good, helpful folks who know how to get stuff done.”

Currently located on State Highway 105 near Loop 336 E, the move to the industrial park has Smith thinking big. Owning the right of first refusal on 14 acres adjacent to the 10 acres on which it is currently building, Smith hopes the facility under construction is only the start of Pileco’s expansion. He eventually plans to build facilities for machining and fabrication to go along with the new office and shop. Smith also plans to purchase new equipment, such as a 35,000 pound capacity forklift, to add to his fleet.

With the land already cleared and dirt work underway, Smith expects to be operational in the new facility by 2022. Being operational also means adding to Pileco’s workforce, which Smith believes he can find in Conroe with the help of Lone Star College-Conroe Center.

“Pileco currently has 16 employees, and I expect that we will add at least 10 more when we move to the new facility,” offered Smith. “We work with the college to find good local talent and students who are eager to work. I want to give them a career to help them along.”

The increased capacity created by the new facility and added workforce will allow Pileco to meet growing demand for pile driving equipment across the United States. Pileco is currently supplying contractors in Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia, in addition to projects in Texas.