LaserWeld Chooses Conroe Park North for Expansion

LaserWeld Chooses Conroe Park North for Expansion Main Photo

23 Feb 2021

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Conroe Park North remains a top destination for manufacturing, as evidenced by the growing roster of companies in the industrial park. LaserWeld, a leader in fabricating, welding, and turn-key manufacturing solutions, became the newest tenant in Conroe Park North near the end of 2020.

The Katy, Texas-based company chose Conroe for its first expansion when it purchased a 71,750 square-foot manufacturing facility on 10.5 acres in Conroe Park North. Located at 3479 Pollok Drive, the facility has the ability to expand to 129,250 square feet to meet LaserWeld’s future needs. The company’s world-class technology and skilled personnel will be a strong addition to Conroe's manufacturing sector.

“LaserWeld’s addition is a great one for Conroe. We are excited to bring such a strong company to Conroe Park North where they can thrive and grow,” said Danielle Scheiner, Executive Director of the Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC).

Archway Properties, who developed the building, noted Conroe’s labor-ready workforce, business-friendly environment, and desirable quality of life when announcing the deal. Scheiner echoed the strong combination’s effect on recruiting businesses to Conroe.

“Companies recognize that Conroe has much to offer and that businesses thrive on the unique combination of these offerings,” added Scheiner. “Conroe is a place to build business success, find quality employees, and enjoy pleasant amenities.”

The prospects continue to look strong for Conroe and Conroe Park North to welcome more businesses like LaserWeld throughout 2021 and beyond. With a ready-made business park and strong blend of resources, Conroe stands to keep its place as a top destination for new and expanding business.