Conroe Residential Construction Continues Positive Trend Despite Pandemic

Conroe Residential Construction Continues Positive Trend Despite Pandemic Main Photo

23 Feb 2021

Business News, Downtown Conroe, Lake Conroe

As one of America’s fastest-growing cities, Conroe continues to see massive expansion in the residential construction market. To meet housing demand, developers from across the country have started and completed numerous successful projects. Conroe Mayor Jody Czajkoski, a developer, offers his perspective on why Conroe is attractive to developers and homebuilders.

“Developers are extremely excited about Conroe. Every builder that I talk to is looking for lots,” offered Mayor Czajkoski. “They are choosing Conroe because they can hit the ground running, thanks to our pro-business environment, rising demand, and available land.”

In 2020, despite challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Conroe saw more than 1,500 home starts and nearly 1,700 lots platted for future homes. And several hundred announced home starts and platted lots are already setting a strong pace for 2021.

These new rooftops will bring thousands of people to Conroe, continuing a long-term trend. The population of the City has grown nearly 40 percent in the past decade according to the U.S. Census Bureau estimates, ranking it among the 15 fastest-growing large cities, and now sits at over 91,000 people. With dozens of neighborhoods and developments planned and already under construction, there is no sign of growth slowing.

“Conroe is open for business,” said Mayor Czajkoski. “We are on the path of growth, and Conroe has what it needs to handle the development. The future is bright!”

Conroe’s residential growth has not been contained to one part of the city. Downtown Conroe has a renewed focus on urban living, thanks to the Downtown Conroe Development Plan approved by Conroe City Council in 2019. The goal is to construct 1,000 homes in Downtown, aided by the Downtown Housing Target Zone Program, which incentivizes urban development.

Lake Conroe continues to attract developers looking to capitalize on Conroe’s natural beauty, and several lake developments have added homesites in recent years. Many homebuyers are taking advantage of Conroe’s improving connectivity and plentiful amenities, as they look to Lake Conroe for prime residences and not just vacation homes.

“Conroe is not a one-trick pony,” stated Mayor Czajkoski. “We have the natural beauty of the Lake and national forest, plus a busy retail district, a growing industrial hub, and a vibrant downtown. Conroe is a destination city for all types of residential living.”

The future of residential development in Conroe is shaping up to be very promising. Mayor Czajkoski believes there are many reasons people are looking to Conroe for their next home. From business opportunity to education to quality of life, Conroe has many advantages to offer. The City welcomes growth and is prepared to meet it in the future.

“It is Conroe’s time to shine,” said Mayor Czajkoski, proudly announcing his trademark line. “Conroe’s vision to get ahead of the growth puts the city in an advantageous position. People want to live in Conroe, and we are ready and able to welcome them.”