Find Out Why Conroe, TX, is a Quality Place to Live and Work!

29 Mar 2021

In Conroe, Texas, More is Made Here. And more people than ever before are finding out why it is a great place to live and work! Located in the southeast region of Texas, just 40 miles from Houston, Conroe more than doubled in population since 2000 and continues to grow. This accessibility makes commuting and transportation to bigger cities easy for residents and businesses. Conroe has a low cost and a high quality of living that everyone can enjoy!

Conroe provides amazing outdoor recreation including access to the popular Lake Conroe, which draws in people from all over the state, and the Sam Houston National Forest and W.G. Jones State Forest are just minutes from Conroe. We are also home to several festivals and other entertainment, including our amphitheater that features several local and national stars and attractions! Click here to learn more about the high quality of living that Conroe has to offer today!