Conroe, TX: Learn More About the Fastest Growing City in the Country

25 Jan 2021

Located in southern Texas, Conroe is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country! Conroe’s population more than doubled since 2000 and continues to grow at record speeds. So, what is it about Conroe that is attracting so many new residents, businesses, and tourists? 

One advantage is its location. Conroe is located just 40 miles from Houston and only a few hours from Austin and Dallas. Another advantage is the city itself. Conroe is home to many affordable living options for residents and several property options for incoming businesses. Conroe’s new economic development website now has an in-depth community profile tool that gives site selectors extensive demographic information on the population of Conroe and the industries and businesses already operating in the area with success. Click here to learn more about Conroe today!