Eleet Cryogenics Finds Ideal Fit in Conroe Park North

Eleet Cryogenics Finds Ideal Fit in Conroe Park North Main Photo

3 Dec 2020

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Aiming to serve a growing customer base in Texas and the southwest United States, Ohio-based Eleet Cryogenics is expanding to Conroe. Running its Texas operations from Willis after the acquisition of West Cryogenics in 2019, Eleet sought the convenience and connectivity of Conroe Park North for its new facility.

Garry Sears founded Eleet Cryogenics in 1996 with a goal to provide the best products and service in the industry. This commitment to quality led to customers asking Sears if he would service the growing Houston and Texas markets. Eleet’s acquisition of West was done with the intention of meeting customer’s needs in this region.

Soon after the acquisition, Sears and his team traveled to Texas to view opportunities for expansion. While visiting Conroe Park North, it became clear to Sears that the industrial park was the ideal location for Eleet.

“Conroe Park North has everything we need,” said Sears. “The infrastructure is in place, the Park is very well maintained, and we can be close to our customer base. I thought to myself on that first visit, ‘This is where I want to be.’”

Conroe Park North offered the space to build a state-of-the-art complex meeting the exact needs of the company. The eight million dollar facility will be 48,000 square feet and 70 feet tall, with an additional 4,500 square feet of office space. Two 40-ton cranes will be housed in the facility. The larger facility allows for storage of 15,000-gallon tanks, whereas the Willis facility allows for up to just 3,000-gallon tanks. 

“The Conroe facility will allow us to carry bigger tanks to serve a larger customer base,” added Sears. “Our customers have particular specifications for what they need, and we will be able to better meet those needs in Conroe.”

The company plans to get underway with construction in the fourth quarter of 2020. Project completion is expected to take approximately seven months.

Eleet’s expansion to Conroe also means growing its team. Sears expects to hire between five and ten employees to help run the expanded operations. These new employees will join 16 employees from the Willis facility and nearly 70 employees nationwide. For Sears and Eleet, adding staff is a major commitment.  

“We take pride in our workforce,” said Sears. “We have never laid off anyone in the history of the company, and we have no intentions of doing that.”

Eleet Cryogenics’ commitment to product, service and people has helped the company steadily expand. Even while facing a global pandemic in 2020, the company has managed to continue growing. This steady growth and strong business model gives Sears belief in the Conroe expansion.

“This is a big investment for Eleet Cryogenics, but we are confident it is the right move,” offered Sears.