Conroe, Texas: More is Made Here

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3 Dec 2020

More Is Made Here

In booming Conroe, Texas, More is Made Here. More is not a comparison or a just little extra. More represents everything tangible and intangible that contributes to making Conroe the premier destination for you and your business.

Innovation is Made Here. Thanks to a modern, business-friendly atmosphere that inspires companies, thousands of products and ideas are created in Conroe. From everyday items like aluminum beverage cans and peanut products to highly specific equipment for the medical and auto industry, Conroe companies are constantly innovating. 

Opportunity is Made Here. Award-winning educational institutions and a commitment to professional development prepare job seekers for prospects in numerous career fields. This talented, diverse workforce allows businesses to build their teams with high-achieving employees right here in Conroe. 

Excitement is Made Here. Led by idyllic Lake Conroe, Conroe offers bountiful attractions for residents and visitors of all ages. Conroe’s cultural and entertainment venues, dining and retail establishments, and stunning natural beauty provide the backdrop for an exciting lifestyle.

Innovation, opportunity and excitement are among the numerous things you can discover about Conroe at the new and improved The Conroe Economic Development Council invites you to explore the modern website to learn more about the products, people, ideas and values that are made in Conroe.

A valuable resource for site selectors, developers, businesses and residents of Conroe to gather critical information, the user-friendly site is loaded with data that paints the full picture of Conroe’s robust economic climate. is the best place to discover why Conroe continues to be the ideal location for business, leisure, and, yes, more.