Conroe is in the news for all the right reasons

19 Feb 2016

As rapid as the growth causing the news, Conroe is finding itself in headlines across the country. A recent population boom has pin-pointed Conroe on the map as an ideal midsize city, which comes as no surprise to those already here. Keeping a watchful eye on this growth is the Greater Conroe Economic Development Council (GCEDC).  Through long-term planning, the GCEDC is well prepared for population growth and looks to turn a growing population into a flourishing economic climate.

Recently, the Houston Chronicle published a story highlighting this population growth. Citing the U.S. Census, the Chronicle explains that Conroe’s population grew by 5.2 percent from 2013 to 2014. That growth rate made Conroe the nation’s sixth fastest-growing city with a population over 50,000. The entire story can be found here.

In addition to the U.S. Census, SpareFoot, an Austin, Texas based start-up operating an online marketplace for consumers to locate and reserve self-storage units, has similar statistics showing Conroe’s population boom. According to an article titled, “America’s Population Explosion,” Conroe was the sixth fastest-growing midsize city in the USA from 2010-2014, at a 15.6% increase (source: That figure outranked every other midsize city in the Houston area and placed Conroe second among all such cities in Texas.

Real estate expert, Marion Franke, wrote in that sales surged in the Conroe area by more than 20.6 percent leading an overall growth of sales in all areas of Montgomery County with a 4.8 percent increase in closed transactions. The overall dollar volume of real estate closings were 10.9 percent greater than the same period in 2014 comparing 2014 volume of $1,215,452,905 to this year’s $1,347,562,885.

Total dollar volume of closed transactions soared another 31% in this part of Montgomery County with $98,697,136 in 2014 and $129,307,786 during the first six months of 2015 alone. It took fewer days to rack up those transaction numbers, too, with days on the market going from 68 last year to less than two months (55 days) in 2015. The numbers of closed sales during the first half of the 2015 saw a 20.6 percent increase from 2014 (509 vs 614). Median prices in the Conroe area continue to rise with an 18.7 percent increase YTD.

The GCEDC views these statistics as opportunity to recruit business to Conroe. As the population grows, the available local workforce also continues to grow. Naturally, companies want to locate in a place where they can find the skilled workers to meet their needs.

“Conroe has already been applauded by many local businesses for having a qualified, adept workforce,” says GCEDC Deputy Director, Danielle Scheiner. “The inevitability of this workforce expanding, due to the population growth, will help us draw new business to Conroe.”

Taking a proactive role, the GCEDC can be credited for seeing the trends in population and making Conroe a place that is ready to do business. Due to the GCEDC’s foresight, Conroe Park North has been attracting businesses for more than a decade. Companies such as National Oilwell Varco, McKesson, and ProDirectional are proving that Conroe Park North is a place to thrive. Additionally, a more recent development, Deison Technology Park, offers an eco-friendly business environment in another desirable location, sitting next to the expanded Lone Star Executive Airport.

“Conroe Park North and Deison Technology Park have set the tone for economic development in Conroe,” notes GCEDC Executive Director, Fred Welch. “Companies can easily see the many benefits of being located in Conroe and want to be a part of the economic climate that has been created. With more people continuing to see what Conroe has to offer, that economic climate will continue to thrive.”

Population trends show that Conroe is no longer a secret to people looking for a great place to live. The GCEDC “let that cat out the bag” as it has widely promoted Conroe as a great place to do business due, in part, because it is a great place to live and has an abundance of qualified workers.