BAUER-Pileco Official Groundbreaking Ceremony

6 Nov 2017

BAUER-Pileco, Inc., currently with offices in Conroe and The Woodlands, held their official groundbreaking on October 2 for their new $10 million facility in Conroe Park North. When completed, the 78,000 square foot facility on 18 acres will serve as their North American headquarters and house the entire local BAUER-Pileco team. The new office plans to be fully operational by the second quarter in 2018.

Personal relationships and a skilled workforce serve as a couple of reasons BAUER-Pileco General Manager, Jochen Grundmann, cited for remaining in Conroe.

“We truly value our employees and certainly did not want to lose them by moving away from Conroe,” said Grundmann. “Our company has also worked to establish relationships with the local high schools and colleges to promote workforce development and attract qualified people. Those relationships and the investment in the local workforce are important to us.”

The new facility will allow BAUER-Pileco to retain more than 60 employees currently located at their two offices. Grundmann said the 5-7 year forecast is for the company to add approximately 30 new jobs, depending on business growth. BAUER-Pileco has already started conversations with Lone Star College-Conroe Center and local high schools about ways to partner with their new facility.

In addition to proficient personnel, the business-friendly environment of Conroe was a major draw for the company. A competitive tax abatement and cash incentive from Montgomery County and the City of Conroe, respectively, were greatly beneficial to the company. Locating within Foreign Trade Zone #265 and a prime location near George Bush Intercontinental Airport will also help the company’s operations.

“The city and county’s ability to offer incentives and abatements, plus the Foreign Trade Zone gave us ample reason to remain and grow in Conroe,” said Grundmann. “The proximity to Intercontinental Airport is also hard to beat.”

When BAUER-Pileco determined they needed a true headquarters for their company, the City of Conroe, Montgomery County, and the Conroe EDC stepped up to keep the company in Conroe. The three entities worked hard to meet the needs of BAUER-Pileco to keep a successful company from heading to another city.

“Our organization, the city, and the county were all committed to showing BAUER-Pileco that Conroe values the company,” said Danielle Scheiner, Interim Director of the Conroe EDC. “Through collaboration, we were able to provide the necessary resources to give BAUER-Pileco the motivation to build their headquarters in Conroe Park North and we could not be happier to have them here.”

BAUER-Pileco, a company formed when Pileco joined the BAUER Group in 2005, is a leading global provider of foundation equipment and support to the foundation construction industry. BAUER-Pileco sells, services, and manufactures equipment needed for the industry.