Wage & Fringe Benefits Survey Completed

6 Nov 2017

The Conroe Area Wage & Fringe Benefits Survey was sponsored by the Greater Conroe Economic Development Council and the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce.  The survey was conducted through Qualtrics software and hosted by the Center for Communication Research at Texas Tech University, with resulting data and final report compiled and produced by The Pathfinders.

The report, which can be viewed by clicking the image to the left or by clicking the link below, will show not only wage and fringe benefits reported by the 29 companies that participated, but also the companies’: increase/decrease in employment over the past 12 months; hiring projections for the next 12 months; recruitment methods; and drug testing, background check, and driver’s license verification policies.

The companies also provide ratings on educational providers in the area, quality of life in Conroe, labor availability (skilled, unskilled, professional labor, and technical labor) and rated employees on: productivity; turnover; tardiness; absenteeism; reliability; teamwork skills; attitudes; reading, writing, and computer skills; trainability; and job readiness.

This survey will provide a great insight to the overall workforce and quality of life in the Conroe Area.

View the Wage & Fringe Benefits Survey Results