Conroe Economic Development Council creates new logo and brand.

20 Jun 2018

Conroe Economic Development Council (CEDC) is unveiling a new name, brand and logo that will recognize the strong growth and progress of economic development in Conroe, as well as demonstrate Conroe EDC’s focus on attracting bioscience, high-tech and advanced manufacturing industries to Deison Technology Park and Conroe Park North.

The first name of the city’s economic development organization is now Conroe, to focus attention on dynamic changes taking place north of Houston, especially focused in Conroe. The Conroe name will be highlighted in color, typically a bold red type face, with economic development council in black or gray.

The logo includes a brand mark or avatar with the Conroe EDC name. The mark is a cluster of dots or atoms that appear in motion. This mark reflects the rapid growth of Conroe and the diversity of Conroe’s attributes from business, industry and education to quality of life and the people of Conroe. The brand mark also reflects the interest of attracting medical, bioscience and high tech industries to expand in Conroe.

Do You Know Conroe

The CEDC will promote the new brand identity with an awareness campaign that focuses on the best attributes and assets of Conroe. Several business, education and community leaders have made testimonial videos identifying why Conroe is ready for business, from attractive business locations, low taxes and business incentives to a qualified workforce and an outstanding quality of life. The testimonials will be revealed in May.
This idea surfaced during a session with the CEDC board. When asked about the attributes of Conroe, several members responded that “Conroe has it all” and mentioned how rewarding it was when they talked with companies about moving to Conroe. When these advocates described the attributes of Conroe to company executives, it was common to hear, “I didn’t know”. Thus, the birth of the “Do You Know Conroe” video campaign, which you can find at or on the CEDC Facebook page, and Twitter account, @ConroeEDC

We know you will enjoy the videos, and we encourage you to share your own version of what you know that makes Conroe a special place. We are proud of our new logo and awareness campaign that promotes economic development and quality of life advancements being made in Conroe. We trust you will become the newest champions of Conroe as a great place to live, learn, work and play.

The city’s economic development organization first Conroe Economic Development Council has a new logo and a slightly different name.