Infrastructure Improvements and Additions Keep Up with Conroe’s Industrial Growth

20 Dec 2019

CONROE, TEXAS (December 20, 2019)- Conroe’s steady economic growth has been marked by an influx of new companies opening facilities in Conroe, specifically Conroe Park North. As the Conroe business community grows, so too does the need to address infrastructure.

One way Conroe is improving the infrastructure is by upgrading roads in Conroe Park North from asphalt to concrete. The concrete will assure that roads are more durable and create better driving conditions for residents of the industrial park. The total cost of the project is $9,846,000.

“We want to be sure that the infrastructure in Conroe Park North is keeping up with the growth that we have seen in recent years,” said Danielle Scheiner, Executive Director of the Conroe Economic Development Council. “Replacing the asphalt with concrete gives the streets in the park the kind of longevity needed to match the traffic patterns. It raises the overall level of Conroe Park North another notch.”

Infrastructure needs also extend to the new portion of Conroe Park North.  The 610-acre addition, which was announced in June, is already receiving interest from site selectors, despite infrastructure not yet in place. The current Capital Investment Project outlines a number of infrastructure projects that will provide service to the new portion. These projects include adding roadways, replacing a storage tank, and extending sewage.

“Due to the lack of land available in the original portion of Conroe Park North, we already have companies looking at the new 610-acre development. Once we have this infrastructure in place, you should see development happen very quickly,” added Scheiner. “Additionally, we are making sure that the infrastructure we put in place will give future tenants everything needed to successfully grow their business in Conroe.”