Kayden Industries Prepares To Make Conroe Home to New U.S. Headquarters

20 Dec 2019

CONROE, TEXAS (December 20, 2019) – Kayden Industries, a Canadian-based oilfield solutions and environmental services company, is the latest to find opportunity in Conroe. Founded 26 years ago in Calgary, Kayden Industries has had their U.S. headquarters in The Woodlands since 2013. With an expanding operation and plans for further growth, the company found their new ideal home in Conroe Park North.

Working with developer Blake Felton, Kayden Industries located a property at 734 Conroe Park North Drive. Over 20,000 square feet of building space on 5 acres allows the company to consolidate U.S. operations and add manufacturing on site. The first building consists of 5,000 square feet of office space and 6,000 square feet of fabrication shop. The second building will be 9,970 square feet dedicated to manufacturing. There is also discussion of adding a training facility at their new U.S. headquarters.

The need for a larger space was required after some important business decisions led to positive results. During the most recent oil and gas downturn, Kayden Industries decided to diversify the company’s operations. Known initially for its oilfield solutions division, Kayden Industries invested in environmental services, specifically dredging and desludging. The ability to design, manufacture, sell, and service two important industries sets the company apart.

“Diversifying the business has been exciting, challenging, and, ultimately, rewarding,” offered Kayden Industries President, Brent Morrice. “Kayden Industries is proud to be both an oil and gas company and an environmental services company. The ability to be full service and operate at a high level in both areas makes our company unique.”

The success of the environmental vertical is opening new opportunities and leading to unprecedented growth. Investing in a new facility has been a goal for Kayden Industries and the company believes it will spur more progress.

“We plan to continue to grow our environmental division and the Conroe headquarters should be a launching pad for that growth,” said Vice President, Brad Keating. “We have been looking at ways to move manufacturing to the United States. Having a facility where manufacturing, training, and management is together is a natural progression for the company.”

Kayden Industries employs nearly 200 people across North America, with 12 of them located in Montgomery County. Management expects to grow that number to at least 20 by the end of 2020. The company will be looking specifically for skilled labor to fill jobs needed by adding fabrication and manufacturing here locally.

Beyond the facility being the perfect match for their needs, Kayden Industries noticed several other benefits to locating in Conroe. It is for these reasons that the company has made a long-term commitment to the area.

“Low-taxes, access to a talented workforce, and remaining in close proximity to where our employees want to live are all things we like about the new Conroe location,” added Vice President, Kyle Ulveland. “The access that the region gives us to anywhere in North America continues to be an asset. Locating our U.S. headquarters in Conroe, close to critical infrastructure, amplifies that accessibility.”

Additionally, the company has noticed the built-in ecosystem of the Conroe economy. Kayden Industries is already working projects in Conroe and partnering with Conroe-based companies.

Kayden Industries uses “World-class technology with local service,” as a company tagline. Soon they will have a world class facility and local investment in Conroe to match.